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Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all fathers!!!
(if you're father)

Haven't meet my dad for so long,
was supposed to have lunch with him this afternoon,
but I turned out very sick and having fever!!! =[

So maybe this Friday will be a family dinner to celebrate with my dad!!! =]

所以都没有吃到!!!  =[

或许这个星期五会有全家一起庆祝的父亲节的晚餐!!!  =]


  1. i actually don't find it appropriate to "celebrate" father's day on just one particular day once in a year lah.. everyday can be father's day if you choose it to happen.. :)

  2. 有机会在家就要多陪家人 =)
    病了哦,最近空气指数不佳,要好好照顾自己哦 =)

  3. @[SK]I know lo, but it's so hard to meet up with my dad, because he's out station all the time, so only have this kind of festival or any of our families members birthday that only can meet up with him!!! =]

  4. @美云_小雨我已经康复了,也希望你早日康复!!! =]


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