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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

【Baking|烘焙】 My first Baking Experience | 初次烘焙尝试

June 12, 2013, Wednesday
What's very most difficult task for me? Basically I'm always interested in everything, besides FOOD!! No doubt it I rather work on a huge big machine for everything than cooking and baking. But I'm a very greedy person, I don't like to see myself have something I don't know and not good at, so I give it a try......
從小到大,我幾乎跟烹飪扯不上關係,更別說是烘焙了。 以前我朋友一直跟我說“這很簡單,這很簡單!” 但我總回說“這明明就很難,我情願做一題三四張的答案的習題,都不願做烹飪,凡事食物有關的東西,說實在的我真的沒那個興趣。

Saw this on one of the magazine that day, so I try to make myself one...this looks easy, right? That what I always thought, but hands on to it, I lost my patient on it.

Dark Chocolate Baking Bar - 120g
Unsalted Butter - 80g
Egg Yolks - 3
Egg Whites - 3
Sanding Sugar - 80g
Chocolate Powder - 1 Table Spoon
Baking Powder - 30g
Sugar - Moderate amount

1. Cut chocolate baking bar into small pieces, mixed with butter in a bowl. Melt it then mixed with egg yolks slowly.
2. Stir the egg whites until it turns into bubbles, meanwhile add in sanding sugar stir together.
3. Pour 3/4 of step 2 bowl into step 1 bowl and keep string, add in chocolate powder and baking powder. Last is the leftover of step 2 bowl.
4. Pour step 3 into shape cutter, then put inside oven with 180 degree  for 10 minutes, turns down to 180 degree for next 25 minutes. Done with oven, let it cold by the temperature surround then add on little sugar powder on top.

It turns out to be such a failure, compare the actual look and the one I made. Please allow me to ask "Are they the same thing?" Despite the outlook, thank god the taste wasn't that bad and acceptable.
照片顯示出來的是這樣,再看看我自己的,我不禁一直問“他們是同樣的東西嗎?” 賣相很不討好,還好味道還不賴,只是甜了一點。

I can spend hours on calculations or even on works...but seriously baking is so not my thing, what practice makes perfect? I don't even have the passionate and interest to try again at all. Better back to my machine thingy......But how about you give it a try then tell, hehe!

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  1. Congrats! I wonder when I would try myself. Is that a chocolate lave cake? Gee! I certainly would want to start with something very very simple.

    1. Yah, you can try it , guess yours will be better than mine, I'm waiting for it.

  2. nice attempt that was indeed!! at least you finally have taken the first step out, agree?? I love all kinds of cakes and breads and cookies, but I never bake too, tau makan aje, hehehe!! so I can say at least you are more successful than me lah.. first attempt and you've got that chocolate muffin, looks quite good mah actually.. so will there be next times?? and who knows since then you will love baking?? :)

    1. Nope, I don't like it at all, but your are so cute la, like that also considered better than you, I still have lots to learn from you.

  3. Wah first time baking? It actually looks good and nice after the sugar dusting, and you said taste is nice, so it was a good experience.. Looks very chocolatey.. Looking forward for more cake post :)

  4. Congrats, your first attempt looks great to me. Keep on baking.

  5. Probably the oven temperature too high, causing the cake to rise too much and crack. But better than me la. My cakes usually fail to rise at all >.<

  6. 不错嘛, 第一步哦。我对这方面的天分真的很差啊哈哈

  7. Try again and again till you succeed. That's how my wife succeeded in making Macaroon, Bak Chang and even the most tedious Moon Cakes.

    I am sure you will be able to bake your own wedding cakes someday.

  8. 把它当作另一门手工,不错的体验..

  9. Bravo!

    You've tried!

    And yes, practise makes perfect. :)

  10. Not everyone likes baking or cooking. At least you tried and it still turned out OK :)

  11. hahaha...my baking ah......half past 6 punya baking la. at least yours looks nicer

  12. 我觉得第一次做,做出这样算不错了 ^^


  13. 啊?
    我很笨,一定要人親自示範教我我才會呢... =.=

  14. 我覺得賣相還不錯,覺得它成功發了,才會這樣。
    反而沉下去,感覺是發粉(baking powder)沒發揮效果。


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