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Friday, June 14, 2013

【Hair Care|護髮】OROFLUIDO

June 14, 2013, Friday
Had a haircut at barbershop, then he said my hair is quite dry and recommend me to get this. Since I wasn't so familiar with any hair product, so I might give a try.
到理髮店理髮後,老闆介紹了一個護髮油給我。對於護髮的東西我真的不在行,看到這個時候,我還在想這是哪一國的品牌啊?怎麼都沒有看過呢? 不過就儘量放膽試一試吧!

 It doesn't just come by itself, but it's come with another lipstick as a free gift. Surprisingly he said the lipstick as more attractive than hair product itself and many have come just to ask can they buy separately with it.
買護髮油還有護唇膏送,而且很奇怪的是介紹給我的老闆還要說很多顧客都回來光顧說“有沒有單賣那個護唇膏的?” 因爲這個設計外面比較難買到。

I've finish the whole bottle, I found it not bad, but doesn't have the feeling of getting it again, one of the reason is I lazy go back to the store to get and secondly I didn't any difference with those hair care product outside. How to use: This serum relies on a triple-treat of standout oils: argan oil strengthens strands; linseed oil smoothes cuticles to leave hair shiny; and Cyperus oil fortifies and boosts manageability.

Okay, back to the free gift lipstick thing and what makes it so special that the customers are come back for it? First is it has a mirror outside of the cover.

And secondly it has this internal light, which is it will light up straight once you open it. Personally I think this is quite good for girls who always hangout at night.

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