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Monday, June 10, 2013

【Haul|購物】My Little Europe Dream|小小歐洲夢

June 10, 2013, Monday
There's one time went in to the bookstore, I want to start planning for my solo Europe trip. But...always a but!! I'm not that kind of person that plan early then go for it. So after I bought all those it still doesn't happen......
那天,我走進書店,想說我不能再拖延了,必須為我的歐洲之遊,有所籌備,所以我就開始買了這些書。 所謂凡事始於足下,有了第一步,下一步就會陸續有來!

This is not a traveler reference book, but is a notebook that I found in the bookstore. The unique part is every pages inside has different designs.



UK and France always is my first place in Europe that I wish to visit alone, a little some some of me time, just that I need to beware of pick pocket, that's all!!

She's a Malaysian that start travel alone after she found she has sick. It always not too late if you had took the first step. It maybe hard to say, but after the first step everything will just go by the flow!

Ariel Lin, she is one of favorite Taiwan Drama actress, the book is about where she film her MV in UK. Is not only pictures inside but with some little side stories of her. As she's one of the kind love reading a lot, everything inside isn't as simple as that, you may need to take some time to think and figure out.
臺灣著名電視演員林依晨是我兒時和現在的偶像,她不算是全然的偶像,而是實力的偶像,有著完美主義者的她對自己軍事般的自律著是一直想要學習的。 雖然那看起來會很辛苦,但是假如現在不努力,還等何時呢?

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