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Friday, June 07, 2013

【Haul|购物】June Haul 2013|六月开箱 2013

June 7, 2013, Friday
Is been more than a year post, was about to delete the whole draft, but feel like kind of waste, so I'm here to write for my own reference, that's all!! Usually I won't shopped these much while I was in the good mood, so this also explained woman likes to shop a lot while they're not in the good mood!!
一年前多的东西,久到本来想将它进垃圾桶的了,但觉得很浪费,所以这篇纯碎就写来记录罢了!   话说当时我心情非常低落,低落到。。。我看到什么喜欢就买,但即使如此我买了过后也不是那种会把它丢一旁的那种,还是会用,只是平时假如要买的话,就会想一想才买,不会那么那么潇洒,喜欢就买!

This's my first Michael Kors bag, at that time I named this brand is a boyfriend tag bag, because a lot of Youtubers were filming "What's in my bag?" video!! Let's say 5 youtubers, at least 2 of them are states their bag (michael kors's bag) are given by their boyfriend!!

Back to the topic, I got this bag by myself, not from someone else!! And of coz the first caught my attention is the color, everything in white is my first choice!!

第一个买的是Michael Kors的小包包,话说当时这个牌子在马来西亚还没有很红,但在Youtube上却很红,很多男朋友都会买这个牌子的包包给他的女朋友,尤其当时也很红录制“What's in my bag?”的视频,五位youtuber,只少有两位是用这个牌子的,而且都是男朋友送的,所以当时我都一直跟我朋友说这牌子是男朋友送的包!!


I almost put makeup on everyday if I go out (but the truth is I'm very lazy, just that my third older sister always claimed that I look like zombie/patient without makeup, even I did see it myself few times, so doesn't care how lazy I am, still have to put a little bit of makeup on at least)

I'm "lazy"to put makeup on, but I'm very hardworking on removing the makeup!! I've 3 different layers to remove my makeup (lots of people said that's double up the works and troublesome, also there're so many products in the market can remove everything in at once) Thus, here's my contradiction, I'm very lazy so I presume I might skip some part of my face and not cleaning well enough!!! Then with these 3 different steps, it may helps to clean up completely!!

有“勤劳”化妆也要“勤劳”卸妆,不然再多保养品也不足够!! 我本身是有三重卸妆方式的(很多人都会说我这样很麻烦,市面上很多只需一次卸妆品就够了!)   但我这人就是有这样矛盾的地方,我总觉得我很懒惰,即使卸妆也可能有时候会偷工减料,所以三次卸妆方式会算是刚刚好,假使再怎样懒惰,再怎样马虎也不可能不干净吧!

我第一层是卸妆棉花加化妆水;而这shu uemura的卸妆水就是第二层,由于这开始用时候是无需参任何水的,就可以直接用来在脸上搓洗,搓干净了才用水清洗,它碰到水后会变成白色的水装;第三层就是普通的卸妆面纸装的,作为最后的清洗。。。所以这就是我很多“工程”的卸妆步骤,我不勤劳化妆,但我却很勤劳卸妆,因为对我来说,卸妆这步骤是绝对不可以却的,即使再懒惰也不可以懒惰卸妆哦,女人们/女生们,知道吗???

This is good for those have problem of lip peeling which got recommend by the staff. I apply it every night before I go to bed, and it doesn't take long to heal it.

Apply this after face wash, suit for moisturizer, just a little drop, it can last quite long. 

You may found I hardly buy slipper and bought shoes mostly. So this is one of the kind that I bought, guess is the height extended design caught my attentions.
我是一个很少穿拖鞋或凉鞋的人,十次看到我,可能我九次都是穿鞋子,一定是要那种抱住整双脚的鞋子(好像脚丫见不得光那种 >.<!!! 但我不穿鞋子,我又会很不自在!) 可是被我三姐念多几下,所以当时我试到这个有点垫高又穿到舒服的,所以买下来了!

From here can tell my photo shooting skill still wait to be improving...... (not that I'm better right now, but isn't great that it's getting better?)

With the purchased me and my sister have, we got this free laptop bag. Doesn't really like the color, but it's kinda good quality.

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  1. 我是懒惰卸妆也懒惰化妆的,所以还是素颜吓人好了,哈哈

  2. I opposite with you, if i not working, i will wear sandals...

  3. Wah all expensive stuffs.. I'm using cheapo tote bag and cheapo flats only.. hehe.. And I dont put makeup to work.. Sandals also buy HP ahh, nice wor.. My slippers bought from the market only.. hehe..

  4. Wow! So many goods. Must be worth a few ,000.

  5. wah, the previous post was June's leftover and this post pulak is last June punya basi leftover, haha!! 你在做歷年6月回顧嗎?? hehe, just kidding..

    yalah, if drafted already then why wasted, just publish it and actually you can tipu us by saying "revisiting" your old post also la, hahaha!! actually it's fun also leh to korek out something to write about what you have done a year ago.. :)

  6. As long as it does not break the piggie bank then do go all out to shop as a way to destress!

  7. 我也很少化妆的,但都有画眉毛咯~~


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