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Saturday, June 08, 2013

【Friends|朋友】Mid Valley Lunch|谷中城花园广场午餐

June 8, 2013, Saturday
This is with one of my old friend, the friend that I wouldn't think of our friendship can last that long, here I'm to meet up my secondary school friend, we didn't talk much in school and I forgot how I get in touch with her. What I remember the most is she's the first in grade, guess I was crazy enough to talk to her and now I glad I did that. Her name is SeokLee, my secondary school friend, we always choose to meet up at Mid Valley because her stayed near to Mid Valley. We picked a Japanese food to eat. Oh no, this set meal is too big for me, the chawanmushi go first all the time, then the main course, I barely finish it and the fruit keep the last. It was very full and happy that we had a great time catching up.
中學的好朋友我真的沒有機位,算到最特別的莫過於這位全級第一名的SeokLee了,是成績上的第一名哦,記得有一次我不小心看到她的成績冊的時候,我整個人都嚇一跳,她的全級第一不是幸運的那種,而是科科將近一百的那些。 回想起來我還真的不知道為什麼當時到底哪來的勇氣跟她說話。 雖然同樣在第一班但是我的成績是在後面的,而她永遠是年年第一的 。 真的沒想到機緣巧合下我們畢業那麼多年後還有維持著聯繫。 那天我們約在了吉隆坡的谷中城吃午餐,由於她的家靠近這裡,所以幾乎每一次我們都在這裡約見面。 但又巧合的我們每次都將車停在The Gardens,所以我們就來到了Hokkaido Ichiba享用我們的午餐。 套餐的這個份量,我還真的吃不完,首選chawanmushi是第一樣吃完,然後才是主菜,就連那個水果都是勉強才吃完了。

That was the time when Man of Steel was up on the movie theater as like usual Mid Valley would have cooperation with certain advertiser and have an exhibitions there......
這的確又是很久很久的文了,但是我是真的不想看到空洞,所以還是硬著頭皮將他寫完,我相信有一天我一定能夠慢慢清完的! 當時谷中城還是在舉辦著超人:鋼鐵英雄的展覽呢!

Hokkaido Ichiba Japanese Restaurant @ The Gardens Mall
T-201, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 3-2283 1060
Mon - Sun: 10.00 am - 10.00 pm

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  1. My girl and missus went to a Japanese place there without me, dunno which one...but they said it was very nice. Sure will go again when we go over...and this time, I must make sure I tag along.

    1. Hahaha! Yup! Hopefully, pray for you from here!

  2. haha it was like the class is having different groups of classmates, those with good results one gang, medium ones one gang and the not so good one gang?? I think that happens in primary school where the teachers intentionally split us into different seating areas, but not anymore in high school.. in high school we split ourselves into gang depending on interests.. we have study gang, games gang, conservative gang etc and I belong to the 潮流派 haha!!

    anyway good that you still get in touch with her and occasionally hang out for lunch, nice right?? sure lots of chit chats on the past-days in school back then :)

    1. Hahaha, past school time I didn't chat much with her, because I was very emo and jealous and angry of the world, like super terrible until I also how to say it. It was glad that we still be friend, that's very lucky!

  3. That looks like a big bento set.. But I can always finish la coz I'm a big eater..I only keep in touch with a few good friends most secondary school.. Mostly college friends and ex colleagues..

    1. Yah lo, especially now, you got to eat more, hahaha!

  4. 我也是不敢跟第一名的同学讲话...哈

    1. 哈哈哈,我也不知道我哪裡來的膽量,然後英語又那麼差

  5. 我也觉得分量很大,吃饱了很撑



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