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Saturday, January 16, 2016

【Blogger Gathering|博客聚會】CNY Bloggers Potluck|博客小小聚餐

January 16, 2016, Saturday
Is just a month passed, so is still considered quite new in my blog yea...okay!! I promised more updated posts frequently. First of all thanks to Vicky for inviting me over to this Chinese New Year bloggers potluck gathering. 

The first dish to show up is the spaghetti that made by Vicky. It was so tasty and I was kept on asked for more until my stomach can't feed anymore.

Second and third both are made by Vivian. One is salad and the other one is bread with grilled cheese and mushroom. It does look like very easy and delicious. 

Then following by Taxes Chicken and vege from Peini (yea, is that pretty lady that sent me the handmade postcard) and her husband JChan. Couldn't remember when was the last time I had Taxes Chicken, but what I recall is I like the taste than the KFC (sorry ya, hehe!)
第四樣就有來自心語찬준偉甜蜜小夫妻的自家小菜和Taxes 炸鷄,我本身是有嘗試過Taxes炸鷄,真的還蠻喜歡的,衹是離我家最近那家都真的很遠,所以通常也要看天時地利人和才可以吃到,還真的感謝她們讓我再次可以嘗試到它美味。(PS:我的照片不齊全,更多詳情可以在這裏看到更仔細一些)

Those pictures I had wasn't complete for some reason, Kiko brought homemade pudding and I bought Hagendaz for dessert. Last but not least is the group pictures (that I steal from Vicky Facebook, hehe!) Oh, by the way, did you realized why I kept holding the cushion?? Because our theme was red color, but I was came from somewhere else, it was too rush for me went home to change another shirt... o.O
最後不能少的制定動作是來個全體照,沒有三脚架的我們,還用上了很多方法,甚至還借用了心語帶來的保溫堡來當三脚架,還真的是創意無限啊。。。哦,對了! 我們當天的主題是紅色,由於我來不及回家換衣,所以就一直很不好意思的拿著那zhen

Oh yea, this one is souvenirs from Vicky as she just got back from Taiwan, and look at the packaging, it was so well pack like those bought outside......(hey, I should learn from her ya!)

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  1. I love the spaghetti dish and Texas fried chicken, haha.. I can finish the whole pot of spaghetti and 5 pieces of fried chicken, thank you! The next round for lunch, you want to go to Evolve? Got Texas Chicken there :)

    1. Huh? That's a lot, so when is our next gathering?

  2. wah so happy, look at everyone there in the photo, I can see you had a very enjoyable gathering.. nice people, nice food and also nice door gift..

    like the spaghetti and Texas chicken biscuits.. but wait, what did you contribute?? seems didn't mention what you brought oh~~

  3. 我就奇怪为什么你抱着枕头。。。原来是配合主题颜色。。。哈哈哈哈

    1. 那個其實很好,可以順便著這肥肥的肚子,哈哈哈!

  4. All of you are young bloggers. I like potluck gathering. But I can't cook well, so I will bring dessert or fruit only. Hehehehe!

    1. Hahaha, me too...that's why I brought dessert too.

  5. What a tasty potluck gathering! I was wondering why you were holding the pillow and then you told us, hehehehe.

  6. You were so lucky to be invited to a private blogger's pot luck event. Your friend Vicky will never invite Anay & Thambee who are all old uncles now. Sobs! Sobs!

    I love that finger food using french loaf, mushroom and cheese! Yums!

    1. Hahaha, I've been asking around about that, so when are you guys are free then??


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