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Friday, January 15, 2016

【Haul|購物】 Bookurve Haul January | 一月買書記

January 15, 2016, Friday
I’ve read quite a lot of Chinese book but I always refuse to read English books because I always assuming myself don’t have very well English understanding to read. Is 2016 now I guess not now then when? So I started try to get in touch with English books, as like World of Wanderlust mentioned, just a book a month, I guess it’s not that much. Since I was be able to finish a Chinese book a week so why don’t do the same with the English book and it’s never too late to start.
看了很多華語書,即便一直一心想要搞好英語都是不可能的事,所以唯有的方法就是自己先開始看英語書吧! 快的話,我幾乎可以一個星期看完一本華語書,但是從前我英語書的記錄,就是那本書買了很久,看了前面十多頁后,就一直放到現在。。。 最上一本英語書就是“哈比人”,可想可知,那個他的續集都不知道出到哪一集了,我那一本書還放在那一邊(不行,我過後一定要更加倍的努力!)年頭在我最愛的旅游部落格World of Wanderlust里被啓發到,其實不需要多,可能一個月一本英語書就可以了。

From World of Wanderlust, she so called it the BookClub, on January she suggests this book named “Paris Letter” so where can find this book. Is always not easy to find a specify book at local bookstore and mostly you found are those really famous one. Or else the bookstore I can think of is Kinokuniya, but this place…it has very expensive parking fee which I not tended to go if I can. So I started Google about any online bookstore shipping within Malaysia. Kinokuniya do have online store too, but it’s like 10% expensive than you can get from the store and not yet plus the shipping fee.
而且這一次我是沒有食言哦! 我的確有把書看完,衹是比預期多了半個月的時間,相信看到有趣的書,不管是什麽語言,還是會提起勁去努力看完的吧! 不! 這一篇還不是介紹這本書的書籍篇,而是購物篇。 在馬來西亞,要找本華語書對我來説是滿算容易的,但要找一本英語,而且不是大衆化出名的英語書,還真的有點難度。 在我印象里,擁有大量的英語書籍的地方,不過與是Kinokuniya或MPH了。 Kinokuniya這個,一聽名字就很貴,而且那唯一的地方KLCC的停車場的停車費更貴。

Good thing is I’ve found this online, an online bookstore that provide free shipping. The book I want was selling RM62 with free shipping, which is the price is like 15% cheaper than Kinokuniya. So why not? But the cons here is delivery days, it does take a little bit longer to arrive, like approximately 2 weeks to see your delivery arrived at your door. Despite long waiting to see your book, the book is well pack with bubble wraps when it arrived, which definitely won’t let you down.
工作的忙碌,讓我周末的時間都排得滿滿的,加上有時候我有會懶惰的說這個星期我不想出門,所以要我真的提起勁刻意駕車到那麽遠買一本書,“No Way!”一旦我沒有心情做任何事,即便什麽藉口都可以被我想得出來。 那以現在的科技,不如上網買吧! 但Kinokuniya的網站,莫名其妙的不知道爲什麽同一本書,店面賣的價錢和它網上的價錢不一樣,這需要多10%的價錢,另外還沒加上那郵費呢? 沒關係,我們去問問谷歌大神,他一定可以幫到我! 我果然沒看錯,我找到了這個網站,不但比Kinokuniya和MPH便宜的多,而且還免運輸費。 話不多說,我就直接下訂單了,可是這個網站的缺點就是需要將近兩個星期的運輸時間,一分錢一分貨嘛! 不過沒關係,我也沒有很趕啊,呵呵!  

Bookstore Website: http://www.bookurve.com/

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  1. Yes, it is easier to buy books online nowadays. Thanks for sharing this book website.

  2. errrr... I have stopped reading nowadays. I guess I am too busy with my phone.. hahaha

  3. 你也可以到DeBook Room 看一看,那里的书也蛮便宜的。

    1. 哦,謝謝你的介紹,我會試一試的!


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