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Saturday, January 16, 2016

【Carnival|嘉年華】Hello Kitty Memory Garden|Hello Kitty回憶花園

January 16, 2016, Saturday
So let's bring you to see the carnival slowly, start from the left  is Hello Kitty Memory Garden. Enter like a garden gate, a statue of Hello Kitty in front of you, written since 1974.
入場后,我就帶你慢慢看這個Hello Kitty嘉年華展吧! (突然發覺我自己真的有點神經,過分的要求整齊分段來寫)一進門,往左邊走的是Hello Kitty回憶花園,上面有個Hello Kitty的雕像,下面寫著“自1974年”。

Kitty wallet stamp on the wall, I wish this has smaller version, so I can stamp it on my book. But I believe this one is a spray where they've the frame of it, then they spray the different colors separately.
在墻上就有著Hello Kitty的錢包印章,我多麽希望會場有著這個的縮小版,那麽我就可以蓋章在我的手帳上。 但我相信這個不是一個蓋章,這是一個定格的框,把他貼在墻上然後噴上不同的顔色的。

Such a huge calculator, but NOPE! It's for display, those buttons look so real in 3D, unfortunately they're not movable. 

 A huge bag on the ground with Hello Kitty on a plane printed on it, the height is almost same like a kid height. Everything has been enlarge in here. 
往右邊偏,地上有著很大個包包,上面有Hello Kitty坐在飛機上的圖畫印在上面。 高度有如小孩的高度,在這裏的東西,幾乎全部都是被放大的。

 The stamp set, this are truly huge, I did try to take it out to see any stamp mark at the bottom. They do have it but you can't find anywhere of the ink.

 At first I was like what is this? Later on I found out is a pencil case, like the primary school type. You will find a specific compartment to put your eraser, remember the old time I want some pencil case like this so bad, but my mother said it easy to broke and reason why I was never had one.
看到這個的時候,我還好奇這個到底是什麽東西啊? 研究了一下,我才發覺這是一個鉛筆盒,就是那種小學時候雙磁鐵面的鉛筆盒。 記得小時候我很喜歡這種鉛筆盒,但是媽媽說這種鉛筆盒不耐用,所以我也從來沒有擁有過一個。

Event Date: Dec 19 (Saturday), 2015 ~ Feb 14 (Sunday), 2016 
Time: 11am - 10pm 
Address: Viva Home Expo Hall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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  1. 我也很喜欢那种鉛笔盒...我们那年代能有这鉛笔盒如获至宝...我也很难才拥有一个...是老师送的.不过现在的孩子好像不会想要这种笔盒...我孩子沒有想要过.

    1. 因爲以前我們那個時代難得,嘻嘻!

  2. So nice, I love everything there.. Am sure every girl loves Hello Kitty..

  3. I wonder where all these Hello Kitty exhibits go after this exhibition. Still doing exhibitions in other countries or is there a permanent museum somewhere displaying all these items?

    1. Probably still on going some exhibition all around the world.


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