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Saturday, January 16, 2016

【Carnival|嘉年華】The Entrance|入門站

January 16, 2016, Saturday
After switched to my current job, I barely have time go out to check out for event. So you might initially find out all the event I post are way past long time......Like this one, since December 19 until January 19, was last for a month, if I remember the date correctly, they did extend the event until somewhere in February 14.
自從換了工作后,要找個時間去參觀展覽都比較難,不是時間配合不到就是我根本湊不出時間來。 所以往後你看到的幾乎都會是過期很久的活動了(待會兒又會有人說“這麽久了,你還記得啊?”)這我刻意寫了,所以你也不需要再問了。 話説這個Hello Kitty展覽,我沒有很喜歡她,但是既然她來到,而當時我又有那個時間,所以我就去了一趟。 當時我去參觀的時候,已經是快要接近結束時期了,我當時還慶幸我可以在它還沒結束前參觀。 誰知道舉辦當局過後就宣佈延遲到2月14日。

But it's absolutely no problem for you to miss it, because you can see everything here, hehe!! As you know I will always try to take as many pictures as I can for memories.
其實衹要我有機會去到的展覽,你都無需擔心會錯過,因爲我幾乎都會拍下很多照片,讓你可以清楚知道裏面的情況。 當中還包括我想要爲自己留下的記憶。

As what I normally did is I will be there as early as I can, not that I scared to miss out anything. Is just that I tended to take picture without anyone inside. (Just like this one)
每逢有機會去參觀展覽還是活動,我都會提早抵達,一來是可以找到停車位,二來是不用人擠人。 所以我可以輕鬆的拍到無人的照片,那對我來説是很重要的。

Apart from that, it was so close to Chinese New Year, so not surprise to see Chines New Year Decorations covered center of the mall.

I thought as usual every event will start at 10am, when almost half pass 10am, I was like why all the counters still not opened yet?? Then I went and check the schedule, oh no......it starts from 11am to 10pm.
通常我會慣例的以爲每一個活動或展覽都是10點鐘開始,但是這一個,到了十點半了都還沒開張,奇就怪了。 我再看看周圍的傳單上的時間表,原來它是早上11點到晚上10點。

I did try to take full view picture here, but I was too late...there were a few of crowds started waiting in front of the gate as I do. So I just can barely take 75% full view of it.
既然還沒開門,所以就到處走走拍拍照吧! 去到還開門的大門口,可惜我衹拍到75八仙的全景照,因爲當時旁邊已開始站著等候開門的人群了。

If you aware of this much, you will noticed they're represent as ticket seller here. Look at what Hello Kitty was holding on her hand!
走進一點看,我還真的不發覺這個設計是Hello Kitty在當售票員啊! 看看它的設計和她手中的票,不去留意還真的不會有人發覺(所以這是一個人閑逛的好處)

Floor the map, it looks pretty interesting inside. Oh well, they do likely the same, just that this is more animated and attractive, or we can so call is "illustrator picture"
再往右邊直綫看去,是一個裏面的地圖。 這個卡通版的地圖還真的很可愛,設計的人也要很富有想象力和創造力,才能將實物畫得那麽可愛漂亮。

Towards the right, they have souvenirs section here, most of the display stuffs here can buy from the souvenir shop inside. (don't worry, I've buy a few souvenirs inside later, so you will have more closeup picture to see)

Back the center, the entrance, they've this something like tips thing for you to get to know more before you enter so you would know where you gonna to go first.
回到中間區域,靠近入口處的右邊,會看到這個貼紙,清楚的提示,你應該把你的票根使用在哪裏的地方。 所以你可以有個概念你應該往哪裏走以及注重在哪裏。

Ticket was using barcode touch sensor, each ticket per entry. They will request to take back the barcode ticket before you leave the hall. But I get to keep mine, because I couldn't find it in my bag that time, only found it after I got back home.
入門票是自己用條碼觸碰銀幕而進入的,每張條碼衹限一個人一次進入。 在你出來的時候,工作人員會想你索取這條碼,但由於當時我找不到我的條碼那張紙,但是回家后我才發覺在我包包裏面,這所以你才會有機會看到這條碼的照片。

This is what you supposed the leftover in the end of the day, the five tickets behind are free come with the entrance ticket. Those five tickets you can use to play either interactive zone or game zone. I used all my ticket for interactive zone, because I guess I'm just too old for the game zone, they looks like more attractive to the kids. 
正常的話,每個人應該衹會剩下這個票根作爲紀念罷了。 那另外五張免費的,是互動區和游戲區的票。 我把我的票都用在互動區内,因爲游戲區看起來似乎比較適合小孩子玩,而且獎品多數是毛公仔。


I know I know, some of you concern the most is the ticket price. No doubt it, the ticket was freaking expensive, but since I've already got there and wanted to go inside...so no choice and complaining. RM96 for ticket, apparently the day I went is a special day which is Melody birthday...great! That explained all the freebies given is Melody in character.
説了這麽多,終于來到重點了。 相信你一定很好奇入門票到底是多少錢? 無可否認,它的入門票是相當的貴,而且當天我還幸運的碰到他們慶祝Melody的生日,所以他們特定那天是特別的日子,特別日子當然入門票也會特別的貴。 96塊的入門票,我既然都來了,難道還要空手而回? 所以我還是硬著頭皮買了這超貴的入門票。


Melody recycle bag is one of the freebies, good! Now I've somewhere to keep the ticket and stuffs. Actually I do quite like this one, quality kinda good and very nice design.  

What else freebies inside were these. Don't know what all these cards for, maybe is for collection. Anyway all and above has already gift to Ember as she really likes Melody and Hello Kitty very much.
但接下來的周邊產品我就不太感興趣了,最後連帶與那環保袋我送了給Ember,因爲她是最喜歡Hello Kitty也最喜歡Melody的,這個特別的日子,也太適合她了吧!

Those Melody freebies are default gifts and this, but this is alternative gift, I get to choose among the plate or the number plate. I chose number plate of course, because I found it more useful and it truly very useful, it still stick quite well on my windshield.
最後的周邊產品,我是可以自行選擇要這碗碟還是車内電話貼卡。 我選擇了車内電話貼卡,這是什麽呢? 這就是當你趕時間,把車子停在不該停的地方時候,這個上面放著你的手機號碼,貼在車内的大鏡上,這樣即使你的車子擋到別人的車,他人都可以及時通知到你。 所以我不常停放在不適當的地方,但是我還是把它貼上,而且它的質量很好,這麽久了,還很新。

Event Date: Dec 19 (Saturday), 2015 ~ Feb 14 (Sunday), 2016 
Time: 11am - 10pm 
Address: Viva Home Expo Hall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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  1. So nice of you to give those gifts to Ember. I guess you are not a fan of hello kitty since you give things away.

  2. I also like Hello Kitty and Melody, but I prefer Melody, look at them, they are so sweet, really cannot resist

    1. If me, I will choose the round plate rather than the number plate hee hee

    2. Because I've Hello Kitty plate in Japan Hello Kitty land already, so this time I chose car plate phone number.

    3. Pardon me ah, by the way, how to use the number plate, what is it for?

    4. Put your phone number on the plate, then stick it from the inside of your car on the windshield.


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