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Saturday, January 09, 2016

【Haul|購物】Little Accessories|小“裝飾“

January 9, 2016, Saturday
Went to The Curve for some DIY stuffs "top up" (not here to show first before I've completed the whole thing) So, after got out from Popular down to the basement parking lot, I passed The Street, The Street is a street market in the middle of IPC, The Curve and eCurve (Don't ask me where is which one, because even me myself got confuse many times, I still need to look for the directory to states me where was I, despite I've been there many times =.=)
話説那天就到IPC去買一些DIY的東西,因爲我覺得那邊的大衆書局很大間,有很多我要的東西,所以幾乎每次要補貨要找什麽都會到那邊一趟(衹不過那邊的停車費就有點貴,第一個小時要三塊,接下來多少我就不太清楚了)走完書局,要回到地下的停車場時,被路邊攤給吸引住了(這個路邊攤是位于IPC,The Curve和eCurve的中間)

 This post is a bit like record of what I've bought the day (Yea, also for my future reference if I need to look for where did I buy so here is it)  Usually I've the "type" of necklace I like, simple and not fancy, great to match with simple top dress. The clear little stones inside are movable and impact between each other are not so loud.

Besides the jewelry stall, is a stall selling hair accessories. As I was looking something like this rubber band, that not too simple but tidy one for my hair. 

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