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Saturday, January 16, 2016

【Carnival|嘉年華】Save the Goldfish|搶救金魚

January 16, 2016, Saturday
I read some reviews online, some said the games are easy, some are not. But those who said is easy, they did say once you've found the trick of the games, you should be able to won some prizes.
由於我每一次都是拖延到很久才寫,所以網上幾乎都會有了很多完整的介紹。 當中也有看到一些提到其實他們的游戲很簡單,衹要你捉到那個點,你就可以輕而易舉的贏到了獎品。

Very typical game at carnival even at fun fair. The the dolls on the table will kept circling around of course but the dolls itself would turn to. I saw the trick from here is you just have to make sure when and where the dolls would turn then you should be able to hook the doll and even better if you have very long hand, hahaha!
就好像這個,在平時的游樂場都會看到的釣魚游戲,整個盤子都會不停的旋轉,中間的娃娃也會不經意的旋轉一下,但是這個都是定位的了。 衹要你記得娃娃會在哪裏及何時旋轉,你就可以很輕易的釣到娃娃。。。但是我也覺得前提是假如你有很長的手,勝出的機會相對的也會比較大。

Event Date: Dec 19 (Saturday), 2015 ~ Feb 14 (Sunday), 2016 
Time: 11am - 10pm 
Address: Viva Home Expo Hall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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  1. That's the rules for every game. We need to focus well with our eyes. Did you win the Gold fish?

    1. Nope, cause I didn't even try to play it, hehe!

  2. My arms and hands are short so no chance at all to win lah.

    1. My personal view, the longer hand you have the more chances you have, hahaha!


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