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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

【Airbus|空中巴士】AirAsia X A330-300|亞航X A330-300

January 20, 2016, Wednesday
我的上一回也等太久才到下一篇了吧?? 其實是真的要寫上海的,但是第一次去上海的時候,就是從這一篇開始的,所以有頭有尾的,就開始從這一篇先寫吧! 在我的上一篇也是有提到因為我太遲買飛機票了,所以跟同事搭不同的航空到上海,然後再轉機到洛陽。 對! 洛陽就是我的目的地,夠新鮮吧? 洛陽這個地方,聽起來就是旅遊,遊山玩水的地方,但是我是去工作啊! 為了要趕在新年前完成,我們可是非常的趕工。。。

忘了我印象中到底有沒有搭過AirAsia X,AirAsia X是比Air Asia大,比較容易分辨的是AirAsia X的航班都是D7開始的,而AirAsia就是AK開始的。 A330型號是可以容納300多位的乘客,不過這個都是以航空自己擬定的。 (說到空中巴士,我最近都只是在研究波音,搞得我都快忘了空中巴士是怎麼操作了呢。。。真是記憶衰退啊。。。>.<)


因為是Premium Flex的關係,我選擇了Quiet Zone的地方,但是我的位置一點都不Quiet,因為我隔壁坐了來自XX的女士,一直全程的不停的跟她朋友說話,一時拿起雜誌說這個很便宜這樣那樣,可是不見得她買。 然後我無意間聽到原來她們是特別買這個貴的票就是因為可以提早登機和離機,因為這個也是一種福利,空姐會把後面的經濟艙的乘客擋住,先讓我們下機。 記得看過一本書(但是還沒寫)說到這位很出名的電視節目主持人,一次和朋友搭上了商務艙,好友在旁,就聊得額外的開心,比例吧啦的聊個不停。。。下機的時候,因為在商務艙的大叔,就頂不順的說“你們這些人,不應該坐商務艙的!” 這時這位主持人火大了,衝前去罵了幾頓,事後她也說當時她是年少氣盛,不懂事。。。 其實言論自由是每個人的選擇,但前提是不要稍擾到別人的情況下吧!

入進中國都必須填的入境卡,右邊是入境卡,左邊是出境卡,但是我每次都把兩張填上。 進入中國海關的時候,海關人員會把入境卡撕下,出境卡就會夾回在你的護照裡面。 但是即使掉了出境卡也沒關係,在中國出海關前,可以再填寫過。

Back to a year ago post, is because this post is follow by Shanghai post, since this's first time I've been to Shanghai, so might start from the very beginning one. Also can check out my previous post here, this happened last year January where colleagues and I rushed to the site to finish some works just before Chinese new year started. Our final destination is LuoYang, but it needs to be transit in Shanghai, in my previous post I did explain why I've different flight than my colleague, so basically we just have to meet up in Shanghai then go to LuoYang together, because there're no direct flight to LuoYang. Since I got the premium flex ticket, so I get to pick Quiet Zone as my seat, but that quiet zone wasn't quiet at all. I had these bunch of ladies kept talking throughout the whole flight......yea! Was thinking to make complaint or change seat, but I love my seat so far, because it's the front seat where has no obstacle in front of you. Lucky enough I was able put my earphone on and fell asleep. For the flight meal, I had vegetarian food this time, just for fun because for Air Asia, we sort of only know about Nasi Lemak...so I was wondering what's vegetarian flight meal looks like, actually it wasn't that bad and in fact it taste very good.

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