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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Yes!!! Time to shopping again!!! What should I do??? My boxes never come, I only have clothes for two weeks and I have been wearing those clothes for more than a months!!! Sigh!!!

开刀后还能去狂街,都不知道是自己不爱自己的眼睛还是太爱狂街!!! H&M开了后,我的三姐都一直吵着要去,可是哪有时间呢??? 可是手术后,还是陪她去了!!!

Too fat, can't get to buy more clothes, because most of it is for skinny girls!!! Fat girl like me...erm!!! I have to wait till I slimming down my body first!!!


I have OCD, I used this to tie my hair when I was at home, because I have a thought rubber band will damage my hair. So if I lost something, I will try my best to get the same one!!! 

我本来是有一个,可是我的东西好像每次都有脚似的,都会自己跑掉(其实是我自己善忘,每次东西都乱乱放)。但是我的影响中我好像放在厕所的桌子上,出去了,清洁工人来打扫,然后它就消失了。。。只是都这个!!! 我还是想太多!!!

My travel shoes!!!

刻意买这个鞋让我去旅行的时候穿,因为我要去的地方都是有冬天的地方,而我的脚是比较敏感的,照片里没有特写,可是鞋子里面是有毛毛的!!! (给大家一个建议,要保温,要去冬天地方的人,要买外套或鞋子,一定要买里面有毛毛的,因为那比较保温) =]

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