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Monday, October 15, 2012

My Eyes Operation Day 1

Before it start, my third older sister, PT and I were still playing with my iPhone. Because, I was wonder why everyone was keep saying that both of us look alike and now that's what I'm gonna to see it by myself.

Hahahaha!!! We really do look alike!!! Just like a twins sister!!! But you know what!!! My sister is 7years older than me!!! And the good thing in my family is all of us have baby face!!! Always looks younger!!!

Waiting again!!! Waiting to pay the operation fee and the bad thing is I forgot to bring the application slip and we have to go to second floor to get a photocopy and then get down here to pay it...why am I so careless all the time???

After few minutes, we were taken to a room with two beds in it, and the one near the window is my bed!!! We were since 12pm!!! And my operation time is 3pm. What to do??? Sleep lol!!! I was sleeping and sister was reading newspaper!!!

Around 3pm, I change my clothes to the patient's uniform!!! And guess what??? My sister said "wah, you do look like a patient now!!!" Seriously!!!

Then I was send fourth floor to do operation!!! But the operation was start around 4pm so what I did is I just laying there and wait and I almost fell asleep!!! But I scared to fell asleep because I was worry that they forgot to gimme the comma medicine and they thought I already have it!!! (Seriously, I know I think too much!!!)

After the comma gas I fell asleep!! ! What I remember is when I woke up! They ask me to open my eyes and I can't open my eyes!!! It's just so pain though!!!

Then, they were worried that I couldn't understand Malay or English so they called a Chinese nurse to talk to me!! And what I remember is... She was keep saying "keep breathing, keep breathing!!!" But the thing is I can't breath!!! (As some of you know that I only have one hole nose is breathing and another one isn't and it will switch sometimes!!!)

I think 10minutes later, I finally can breath myself!!! (What a scary experience!!!)

After done sent me back to my room, my sister was about ready to leave because it was too late!!! She has to go home and take care of her son too.

At night, my dad came over and follow by my older sister, KT and her husband, TL.

Due to the operation, I was supposed to be fasting since 9am in the morning!!! So at night, when they were trying to gimme some hot chocolate to drink. After couple of drink of that small cup of chocolate I vomit!!! (What!!!) I was so hungry since morning and now I don't have the appetite to eat anything!!! Is that so they also gave me some avoid vomiting medicine to me.

That's is day one!!! And the nurse brought me some porridge but I still don't have the appetizer for it too.

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