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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Deep Into the Triangle | Curiosity

I have to say that I really like all these mysteries stuffs!!! Don't know why!!! But if you ask me, I will rather spend an hour in front of my laptop to watch a documentary show than sit there wasting my time to watch that handsome or rich guy was trying to hook up with that poor and normal girl(In the drama was notified that she is a normal and simple girl, but all of us knew that this girl is damn freaking pretty, okay!!! That's called Taiwan Idol Drama, please no offense to any of it, I used to like it too, but time flowed by and you will finally noticed that it WON'T EVEN EVER HAPPEN TO YOU, maybe it will happened to others but it's just NOT YOU, because I really have a friend that, seriously...have a girl's life that everyone will get jealous on her). Okay, back to the story... I remember few months ago I was kind of like study about Bermuda Triangle too because of it's mysteries stories but it's just lack of video sources in YouTude so I just stopped study about it but now, I'm gonna to start it back again!!! XD

百慕达三角洲一直都是我想要研究及了解的一个谜,因为可能是飞机失事的关系,所以我研究起百慕达三角洲。第一次听见这个名字时,应该是在多啦a梦的电影系列里面听见的(是很小孩子啦,我知道。。。)过后,就没有去理它,然后就一直听到很多飞机失事的事件才又再激起我的好奇心。现在我可以坐在电脑前一整天看YouTude的各种视屏,我都不愿再去看那些偶像剧,因为那些怎么可能发生在我身上呢??? 要想那么多,等晚上做梦时才想啊!!! 对我来说这些都是发生在那些又漂亮脾气又好的女生身上,像我这种样子普通然后脾气又不好的。。。慢慢等。。。嗯!!! 可能下一世才有吧,晚上早点睡觉去发梦好了!!!

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