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Friday, October 19, 2012

Hair Accessories Shopping

Another shopping day, but today is just for hair accessories... Seriously, is not that I've too much money to spend on it, is just that, I'm still waiting for my boxes from the States, I've all my stuffs in all those four big boxes and this seven sea worldwide still haven't found my boxes and I've nothing to use. Also normally I won't tie my hair because I always have a thought that my hair rubber band will left some tie shape on it so it won't look straight anymore BUT my third elder sister, PT said that I look better after I tied my hair up and same thing again she force me to do it...(Okay, don't use the "force" word because think deeply, she just said for my own good!!!) So I knew that I'm lazy so I just took a picture of the plastic so that I don't have to copy down the shop name and this shop is inside Sungai Wang and just let you guys know, my sister love this shop so much because she always take me there to buy some hair accessories stuff since last time.

箱子一直被卡着所以必须在这里买一些啦!!! 由于懒惰抄那个点的名字所以我就索性拍个照片。。。(知道我的人,都知道我是一个多懒的人)我的三姐一直都说我的头发要绑上来才好看所以她就带我去买了这些。其实我以前是不喜欢绑头发的因为我一直都认为绑了头发,那么当你把绳子脱下来时就会留了那个印在哪,所以我每次都不帮。。。(其实一半也是我是个懒惰虫)

As people always said, "there's no ugly women in the world is just only lazy women" so since I love to watch YouTube so much so I was starting to learn some new hair style from YouTube and of course I need all this "equipment" for it!!! hahahaha!!! (the "equipment" word just pop out from my head so please excuse me for that)


 These are really those random stuffs that I rarely buy to put on my hair but anyway I do really love it!!!


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