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Monday, October 15, 2012

My Eyes Operation Day 3

Is saturday, I supposed to have dim sum breakfast with my mom and my eldest sister, FT. But due to the no public rule, then I have to stay at home for the whole day.

What to do??? And my mom said, you can't used any electronic stuff, don't use your laptop, don't use your iPad... Hahahaha!!! I always don't like to waste my time so... I asked my sister brought me all those books that she bought for her son... Okay, I know is funny, but these are knowledge too...and the knowledge that you won't learn in your official education system...

Thomas Alva Edison... Seriously, he is really awesome because of his invention so we have all the light bulbs nowadays!!! For him, failure doesn't mean anything, he just keep on and on trying... Sometimes I really think I afraid of failure, I afraid the feeling of losing, that's why I never try.

Hellen Keller... I really feel very impress on her story, can't see, can't hear... To be honest to say, these few days, I was almost like a blind person. The first day, my eyes were just barely can open a little bit. Second day, I have to wear sunglasses all day because I can't see any bright things, I even have to wear the sunglasses to watch TV (Okay, that's the only thing that I can do because my mom said the reflection of iPad is much more so she doesn't allow me to use any of those device) Just because I have been through that I understand more, I know it is very difficult. Basically is okay for normal lifestyle because I can just use my hand to touch and sense it. But I have a thought, how about all these computer, laptop, iPad, or even phone device. I know maybe they have spacial device for it, but it still has the difficulties for it, just that for us who can see everything and never had this blind experience before, maybe...you won't even notice about it.

Abrahan Lincoln... Okay, seriously, I'm not a fan of politic and I'm not interested in any politic issue or news because for me...those things are just so complicated like drama...but no offense to him, he is really impressive... He really is born to help people and understand how people feel...

Isaac Newton... He's really smart, he studies a lot and read a lot too. And so this make me love ot read a lot too... Like something that we can't learn in reality life!!!

Okay, obviously this is something like primary school geography reference book and I have no idea why she brought me this...but it do remind me the moment when I studied my geography... Erm.. I don't really study during my primary school but I do really scored very well during my secondary school test...(For those of you guys that don't know about this, actually my primary school is I studied in Chinese and in secondary school is in Malay so is basically the same freaking things)

I'm currently on this book, it's display everything geography and famous places symbol in all over the world. And it also start to gimme the feeling of wants to have backpack travel to Spain again duh!!!

And those are the books that I not yet finish reading... Erm...still have long to go duh!!!

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