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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Halloween

I know Halloween is around the corner. I'm happy that this year I don't have to worry and prepare for the Halloween costume. I've been to a lot of Halloween Party on the past few years and I always can't even decide what to wear and where to get the costume.

I remember the first Halloween Party that I went to. I didn't even wear any costume, I just wear something normal outlook. And I still remember every time when I look at those girls who is wearing something like an angel costume, I always very jealous at them because...
First -  I don't have a pretty face like them
Second - I don't have a sexy or slim body, I'm so fat
Third - I'm pretty sure, I'm not an angel. For everyone that know me, always gimme the feeling like I'm an evil or demon something

So I never want to be an angel just because I'm not.

Second year, I remember I just bought a silver mask and wear something casual too.

Following years, I think I was in the State on that time and I got an witch costume because during that period, I was still very emo and my friends always make me think like I'm a witch so I just wore something like a witch and what stupid thing happened was the condition there was like no one likes me and now when I think back...maybe I think too much...

Then the following year is much more stupid, everyone that know me knows that I seriously don't like girls and I ALWAYS know that I will get jealous and I still LOVE to go out with girls...SERIOUSLY??? What happened was I was wear a Japan Traditional old costume (something like that) this is not the main thing, the main thing is girl she doesn't even prepare anything that and she just wear normal casual clothes and get some Halloween stickers from dollar shop and stick on her clothes and tied a very cute pony tail(something like that). Okay, for me she was totally very cute that day (don't know what about others opinion but that's the truth) So what brought to her is damn a lot of people came over to say hey, you so cute, this and that, and I know I'm that kind of person who get jealous easily, and what can I do is I have to control my emotional and promise myself again don't ever never go out with girls again!!! I know this idea is sort of ridiculous but seriously why would we all just love to do something that we know it will us unhappy all the time... Is no offense to her, she is really good, is just that I'm not perfect, and every girls around me is just so perfect except me!!!

After all of these stupid things happened to me, seriously I refuse to go to Halloween Party anymore, and what makes me start again is when started hangout with BL, VH and many others American friends because they're really fun to hangout with and for me I never felt like what I feel when I was hangout with those Malaysian friends. What had happened to me lsat time was...JWL, PC, TH, KSY just love SLL so much and just trying to please her the whole freaking night!!! The whole gang of Chinese just love JT so much for the first sight love on the whole night and so on and on!!! I KNOW I'M JEALOUS!!! Okay, you don't need to tell me about it, but come on man, every time all these thing just surrounded them and I was the one left over and see how all these girls get chasing and get treated like a princess. I don't know about others but it is just happened all and all the time... I know you love the girl, is nothing wrong with you, it just that, I'm tired of seeing it all the time and get jealous all the time, because every time is just not one person like the girl, is just bunch of guys like one girl, and the only girl is just not me every time!!!

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