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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Wait for a second

Do you ever realized that, most of us like to say wait for a second or I will do it later. But none of us realized that the time won't wait for us and just the amount of stuffs that we gonna to do is waiting for us. I hate when people say that, because I used to be like that but then end up is just that more and more works are waiting for me to finish it. Like I always say I want to finish this book and that magazine but then the I just working on other stuff and leave it like that. Those magazine that I was reading is monthly magazine so it will have a new version every beginning of the month and I always feel bad that I can't finish the magazine of the month before and the magazine for the following month is already here. This is just wasting money and make myself feel guilty too because I always feel very happy at the moment when I got the newest magazine but after that I just leave it aside and forget about it. This is what happened to me and I know maybe everyone of you felt the same way too so start from now on just do it and don't wait for the time to past by.

这个世界上我们不知道的事情有很多,所以我每次都说有时间的话就应该读多点书,尤其是女生。可是现在的人,不是考试都不会拿起那本书读。他们通常给的借口就是没有时间,其实我觉得没有时间是你自己讲的,我只要你想不会没有做不到的事。因为我曾经也是这样,可是到最后就觉得其实你要时间,一定会有的,只是有些人很喜欢为自己找借口,就好像现在的小孩,当你叫他们读书,他们就会跟你说等一下。可是他却忘记你口中的等一下的时间是不会等你的,你说等一下的是你自己,可是时间就会一秒一秒的过,所谓时间是不会等人的。可是人们永远都不觉得那是怎么一回事,等到时间慢慢的走了,他们才会回过神来的一直问自己为什么我没有提早的把它完成呢? 为什么我要等到最后一秒呢? 所以我觉得假如你有什么想做的事就立刻去做,因为你的等一下是不能把时间停下来的。

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