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Monday, October 15, 2012

My Eyes Operation Day 2

Day 2, is the day I can go home, what a peaceful feeling for me. And what the nurse told me is:
1. Can't swim (Seriously, I was about want to learn swimming)
2. Can't carry more than 5kg stuff (What??? Sigh!!!)
3. Can't work out (Hey, I'm already fat enough, why I can't work out???)
4. Can't go to public (Guess what??? My sister, PT said "Can't go Public then I go Maybank lol??? Seirously??? Swt!!!)

This is the bag that carry all the medicine in it.

Okay, I have no idea why this bloodspot makes me so difficult to upload this form my mac iPhoto. First , I have the difficulties to upload the photo from iPhoto then second is the arrangement of the photo, I have no idea why it is in the middle sometimes and it's start from the left. It's just so ridiculous. (Also for privacy issue, I erased my name on it!!! Hehehe!!!)

Erm, obviously, these are not the part of the medicine, this is just the towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, and facial liquid for me to used on the day but the thing is... I didn't even notice this until I was about to leave and the nurse told us this is for you... Okay, I think maybe I can take it and use it as a travel pack next time.

On the second day, my eyes still can't open brightly, it just can't take it more light so my sister brought this to hospital for me. (What a nice thought!!!) And guess what??? From this pic you won't notice what brand is this sunglasses is... Let me tell you... is

Hehehe!!! Is not to show off, is just that, I never know that Dior has sunglasses, before that, I only thought that Dior product is just perfume or jewelry or something. But why I show this is because I really like the case, hahahaha!!! Because it is in white color!!! XD

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