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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rest in Peace Amanda Todd

Cyber bullying!!! I have no idea why sometimes people just like to make fun of others??? For them, are they really that free and nothing to do??? And their only entertainment is make fun on others, on their friends and so and so on.

I used to get bullied a lot last time, because of my bad tempered, they just like to make fun of me, called me emo girl, tell everyone not to talk to me, not to friend with me because I'm very emo, they said if you won't get any happiness anymore.

Seriously??? Sometimes, I really do like to ask them, is that funny??? Erm... I think maybe I asked before and that guy told me "Yah, is fun to do that what!".... Okay, make fun of people is your life... That's so sad you are...

You know, I always wish just one day, all of these bullshits will go back to them, to let them to have all these hard feeling and depression. But who knows when is it gonna to come...

Armanda Todd, hope you will rest in peace...

To who always get bully out there, please stay strong, I know is hard to say so...but you know what, I always believe that, if you really have the heart to do that, and finally you will get it.

Cyber Bullying: (Facebook, Twitter....) - You know what, just close the account, thats all...or just block the person who say something stupid and shit to you, just block it, who cares about their feeling or what... No one used a gun to aim at you to force you go to Facebook all the time. Use the time on Facebook to work on something else, like your homework, housework, learn extra knowledge or even contribute in community works... I believe once you have so much other work to concentrate on and maybe you won't even remember about who the hell is talking shit about you... And you won't die without Facebook or Twitter... You only will die without breathing!!! Excuse me!!!

I know you will say "saying always is easier than try on it"

Let me tell you!!! WHO SAY THAT??? I'm fine with it now...

I still remember last time,

- KSY: always comment shit on my Facebook (I always want to say did I do something wrong to him and make him angry at so much, always like to step me hard on to the ground)
- YS and PJT: when I fount something meaningful online and trying to share on Facebook and they know my English level so I won't say such a perfect sentences so they always like to say "she must be it from somewhere else" (Excuse me, who about it, so from that on, I won't even bother post any shit like that on Facebook anymore!!! Because is meaningless and wasting my time, because no one cares about that)
- AT: "why you always like to post emo status on Facebook?" (okay!!! no more states on Facebook now, is not that I like to depend on what people say, is just that I don't get what's the point of it, you post it, and people gave you bad comment and you getting much more bad feeling... Is that you're the one who choose to like that??? So NO POSTING, NO COMMENT!!! EVERYTHING WILL IN PEACE)

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