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Monday, October 22, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Yes, I'm gonna to use Galaxy Note II and for those that don't know me, I'm using iPhone 4 at the same time, and I have to keep two line active, one is US-line and one is Malaysia-line... I'm not a business woman but why am I have to use two lines??? The US-line is for my uni to call me for some important information about my admission into the master program and a little some some things that I haven't notice that I'm already back to Malaysia. Of course the Malaysia line is for my family and friends in Malaysia to call me and that's impossible for me to the US roaming to call them too...

新电话,对啦!!! 又有新的东西要研究了,很想说我连apple的东西都还没研究完,现在又再要来多一样。。。每次把别人的眼光看得很重的我,都会非常的在乎别人是怎样的看我,无论认识或不认识,我都要把最好的一面呈现出来。

一直以来我都一直看不惯一般人的追求品牌的心态,现在越来越多人都在最求名牌,不惯你会用还是不会用,先买了一个再说,因为他们的心态就是要告诉全世界我有着及用着最新的东西。为什么我会这么说呢,因为我身边的人都是这样,有些很基本的功能,假如我没有告诉他们,他们还傻傻的不知道。其实面子真的那么重要吗??? 个人认为比较多亚洲人会这样,因为以前在美国时,我朋友都是找实用的就可以,很少会真的去追最新的,再加上他们都是要自己给学费,吃,住,穿,车油之类的,哪有多余的钱去追这些有的没的??? 而且我也真心的解的几乎80%至90%的人都是为了自己的虚荣心。因为我也是用着这个手机,所以我都一直让自己上网学很多,我不想让我自己都变成那样!!!

Do you know what??? The screen is really big, and after I used this phone, I always refuse to go back to iPhone 4!!! 

This is the only case that I can get, since it only released five days...

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