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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

【Movie|电影】The Wolverine|金鋼狼:武士之戰

A movie that have been waited for so long,
and this time my second brother in law bought the gold class ticket again,
because he said the movie is long enough,
worth to watch in Gold Class!!!
My brother in law bought the tickets,
my brother bought the food,
and this time my brother got me popcorn,
(It's always great to watch movie with my brother and my second brother in law)

I didn't read the marvel novel,
so basically I've no idea how's the story go,
but I did feel like the story is being cut a lot,
maybe they should make it more details...

Besides that, 
again, Malaysia's censorship cut off the some sex part again,
I think that's they make it to P13!!!

Other than that, I really love the fighting scenes on top of the bullet train!!!
(which really makes me can't wait to go Japan to have a ride on it)
我二姐夫又是买Gold Class来看,
他说因为这电影比较长所以看Gold Class很值得,



Country: United States
Language: English, Japanese
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Running Time: 126minutes (2hr6mins)
Directed by: James Mangold

In 1945, Logan, the Wolverine, is held in a Japanese POW camp near Nagasaki. During the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Logan rescues an officer named Yashida and shields him from the blast. 

In the present day, Logan lives as a hermit in the Yukon, tormented by hallucinations of Jean Grey, whom he was forced to kill in X-Men: The Last Stand. He is located by Yukio, a mutant with the precognitive ability to foresee people's deaths, on-behalf of Yashida, now the CEO of a technology corporation. Yashida, who is dying of cancer, wants Logan to accompany Yukio to Japan so that he may repay his life debt. 

In Tokyo, Logan meets Yashida's son, Shingen, and granddaughter, Mariko. There, Yashida offers to transfer Logan's healing abilities into his own body, thus saving Yashida's life and alleviating Logan of his immortality, which Logan views as a curse. Logan refuses and prepares to leave the following day. That night, Yashida's doctor Viper introduces something into Logan's body, but Logan dismisses it as a dream. 

The next morning, Logan is informed that Yashida has died. At the funeral, Yakuza gangsters attempt to kidnap Mariko, but Logan and Mariko escape together into the urban sprawl of Tokyo. Logan is shot and his wounds do not heal as quickly as they should. After fighting off more Yakuza on a bullet train, Logan and Mariko hide in a local love hotel. Meanwhile, Yashida's bodyguard Kenuichio Harada meets with Viper who, after demonstrating her mutant powers on him, demands he find Logan and Mariko. 

Logan and Mariko travel to Yashida's house in Nagasaki, and the two slowly fall for each other. Meanwhile, Yukio has a vision of Logan dying, and goes to warn him. Before Yukio arrives, Mariko is captured by Yakuza. After interrogating one of the kidnappers, Logan and Yukio confront Mariko's fiance, corrupt Minister of Justice Noburo Mori. Mori confesses that he conspired with Shingen to have Mariko killed because Yashida left control of the company to Mariko, and not Shingen. 

Mariko is brought before Shingen at Yashida's estate when ninjas led by Harada attack and whisk her away. Logan and Yukio arrive later and, using Yashida's X-ray machine, discover a robotic parasite attached to Logan's heart, suppressing his healing power. Logan cuts himself open and extracts the device. During the operation, Shingen attacks but Yukio holds him off long enough for Logan to recover and slay him. 

Logan follows Mariko's trail to Yashida's natal village, where he is captured by Harada's ninjas. Logan is placed in a machine by Viper, who reveals her plans to extract his healing factor and introduces him to the Silver Samurai, an electromechanical suit of Japanese armour with energized swords made of adamantium. Mariko escapes from Harada, who believes he is acting in Mariko's interests, and manages to free Logan from the machine. Harada sees the error of his ways and is killed by the Silver Samurai while helping Logan escape. 

Meanwhile, Yukio arrives and kills Viper as Logan fights the Silver Samurai. The Silver Samurai severs Logan's adamantium claws and begins to extract Logan's healing abilities, revealing himself to be Yashida, who had faked his death. Yashida starts to regain his youth, but Mariko intervenes and stabs Yashida with Logan's severed claws while Logan regenerates his bone claws and finishes off Yashida. Logan collapses and has one final hallucination of Jean, in which he decides to finally let go of her. 

Mariko becomes CEO of the Yashida Corporation and bids farewell to Logan as he prepares to leave Japan. Yukio vows to stay by Logan's side as his bodyguard, and they depart to places unknown. 

In a mid-credits scene, Logan returns to the United States after two years and is intercepted at the airport by Magneto and Professor Xavier, who warn him that a grave new threat to the mutant race is coming.

Sources from Wikipedia

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