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Saturday, July 13, 2013

30 Hour Famine 2013 Fight Hunger: First 20 Hours|2013年饥饿30对抗饥饿: 首20个小时

July 13, 2013, Saturday
After games, so now is entertainment show, some guests were invited to the stage for some entertain performances, I forgot who were the guests they asked, but I heard every year are almost the same!!!

The entertainment shows end around 9pm something, we all went to the toilet to take a shower then prepare to sleep!!! I don't know how's their rule goes, but what I recalled is the camp leader mentioned before him and his AJK team, they all gonna sleep together with the campers at the hall......but when I've done with everything prepare to sleep, I saw him and his AJK team were staying in classroom, prepare to sleep in there......so before what he had said was like "nothing"???

Anyway, it wasn't big deal to me, I was just want to comment about this irresponsible action!!! It was 10pm plus, everyone was prepare to sleep and so do I!!! When I almost fall into deep sleep, one of the AJK wake me up and asked "who were those campers that always walked away during the gaming time?" What??? Purposely wake me up, just to ask this??? After pointed for her, I looked at the back side of the hall, I saw bunch of AJK were like under some sort of meeting, I walked with her towards them...they told me, one of the AJK has left her phone inside the classroom for charging but now the phone has gone, so they accused my group campers did that!!! =.=!!! (I was wanted to say out so badly "Did you read the news??? or even go onto FB??? Don't you know our country is like even you left something inside car, they'll still break the window and steal whatever inside??? Still don't know how to take care of your belongings?? If you want to charge, why not charge at night but not the evening???") But all these were just what I said in my mind!!! At the same time, this same AJK go wake up another group camp leader asked about the same questions...then the whole bunch of AJK was saying, why not we looked about the school check out a bit...

Seriously?? You believe you'll get to find it in the end?? Well, it could be happened if the thief was too "smart" or the person who lost her phone is very luckily...because it could be the person who steal it has passed to someone outside or what...don't think he/she will keep it school and that easy for you to find it lo!!!

After spot check around the school, the AJK asked me and the other group camp leader back to sleep...so then...what to do??? So we went back to sleep...after awhile I heard some foot steps......I opened my eyes, I saw another AJK was asking my group campers to show her what's in their bags!!! WHAT??? Can they actually doing that???

I've no idea, but I know they're not suppose to do that, right??? First, they don't have the right for doing that and what makes they accusing my group campers was one of their AJK said she some people who "maybe" look like them were passing by that classroom in the evening...she said "maybe" the maybe is like not so sure answer...so how can they do that??? Personally I think the way they handled this case was very immature... For an example, like in primary school, you've lost a pencil, then you suspect the classmate who sit beside you steal it so your asked for looking into his/her bag...(This was what are they doing, right now???)

Thanks to them...we get back to the bed around 1am...on the next day, we woke up around 6am to get ready to take the bus to the Putra Stadium!!! Each of us get a review form to fill up in the bus, that was the first time in my life I've write such a long review for an event...because usually I might just give a pass only, if nothing special to mention......

Imagine on the journey from Jinjiang to Putra Stadium...I'm still haven't finish it......then I asked the other group camp leaders who awake with my last night, actually they can count as pretty experience volunteers, because they've joined this event for years...they said first of all they pointed the 10 big mistake that they've done through out the whole event...Wow!! Look like they're more things to "complain"!!! I can't really recall what I've wrote on the paper but I did write these AJK just only like to stick into their gang, care about their "volunteer friends" but not those "outside volunteer" like us...because we always not into the situations, like they changed anything or announced anything, we don't know, we weren't been told until we find out ourselves!!! For an example, the bus to the Putra Stadium, when I got there I saw they "must" have an AJK inside the bus to check where were we suppose to gather up together, but our camp is......non of those AJK in our bus and non of us in the bus know where to gather and non of us have a cell number of them...guess they tended all of them friends, friends gang sit together in a bus......so they were assuming...we got to find them once we've arrived >.<!!!

节目后大约都晚上九点多了,我们拿了衣服到厕所冲凉洗涮一番就要回到礼堂就寝了!!!   我不清楚他们的条规是怎样,是应该所有志工,志员还有筹委员都一起在大礼堂睡觉还是分开。。。但我很记得的是,当还没有去冲凉洗涮的时候,这个营会的会长有出来说话一下,他有说大家都会在这个礼堂一起睡觉,他也是一样。。。但。。。我洗涮出来后是看到他与他的筹委员们一起到课室关上门的睡觉咯~~~

虽然是不爽,但我都超级累,那时候最想要做的事就是睡觉。。。拉好睡袋包,刚好要睡熟的时候十点多,就被一个人叫醒。。。原来是其中一位筹委员,她问我“你的组里面不是有几位每次离队的是那几位啊?” 我都奇怪了。。。这个晚上不睡觉跑来问我这个干嘛???   指给她看后。。。我转过头看到有一大班筹委员在礼堂后方围了起来,我跟那位筹委员就走到后面问看究竟。。。原来有一位筹委员实在“太聪明”了,她把她手机放在课室内插电,现在手机不见了,所以他们就怀疑是我队的人偷了。。。(我很想跟她说“小姐,你是没有看新闻,还是没有看脸书,相信无论是报纸或是脸书上都时常有说在我国这类的东西不可以乱放的吗???   你这是不知道我国即使车锁上都会被打爆窗口偷东西的吗???   怎么不要放好来???   虽说是学校但也不可以掉以轻心嘛!!!   没有电??晚上不能插电而非要在下午的时候才插电??”)当然那时候这些话都是我心里面说的而已!!!   同时那女的筹委员再去叫醒另外一组的组长问同样的问题,然后他们筹委员们就讲说不如找找看学校,看看偷了手机的那个人,会不会把手机藏在哪里。。。=.=!!!

当让我也和这位组长还有她男友就在学校找找。。。(其实根本都不需要找。。。是会找到吗???   相信偷的人有可能偷了交给外面的人,这我们也不知道,而且这是学校又不是只是一间房间,确定真的会那么幸运能够搜寻到。。。假如真的有,我想说那小偷未免也太笨也或许那被偷手机的人是有无敌的幸运之神帮忙!!!)

找了一轮回来,那班筹委员们就叫我们先去睡觉先。。。(这一班人。。。你说奇怪不奇怪???)   但既然他们都让我们去睡,我们也不要一直待在那里,我们也回去我们的位子准备盖眼睛睡觉,谁知道不久我就听到有脚步声,睁开眼睛看,另外一位筹委员竟然走到那几位之前一直离队的营员旁边说要检查他们的包包。。。这。。。是。。。什么回事啊???

是可以这样做的吗???   我真的很想问他们凭什么可以这样检查人家的包包,他们只是怀疑,而且是乱来一通的怀疑,因为他们里面有一位说之前“好像”看到他们在那教室外经过,是“好像”, 不是确定哦!!!   这是什么烂证据,这是什么处事态度及方法。。。但当时我跟其他那组长也不能说什么。。。而且还能说什么???   但当时我们几位组长都觉得很生气,这班筹委员做事也未免太幼稚太小孩子了!!!   就好像小时候你不见铅笔,然后你怀疑坐你隔壁的同学偷,你就硬要检查她书包似的。。。(这不像小朋友的动作,还像什么???)


我问问另外那两位情侣组长,他们说他们简直是写出十大检讨的建议出来,因为他们之前几年是有参加过其他营会的,只是这次他们要报名的地方营额满了他们才换来这里,所以他们算是已有了很多次经验了!!!   而我的意见表格我大概记得我有提到的是他们做任何东西都是只是确保他们的“朋友志工”有清楚明白而已,这是我和其他外来的志工也有遇见这样的问题,很多时候我们都不在状况内,都不知道发生什么事及要做什么,他们交代事情的时候,交代得非常不清楚,说一半不说一半,假如有什么变化,我们也不知道,而是要我们自己去发觉才知道!!!   说到去Putra Stadium的时候,我看见别的营会都有至少一个筹委员坐在每一辆巴士,但我营会的是里面都是志工,因为那些筹委员们要自己“朋友帮”坐一辆巴士。。。至于我们完全都不知道要那里集合,去哪里跟去哪里,那时候我们那辆巴士就连一位筹委员的手机号码都没有。。。这是要我们在那体育场外慢慢找吗???  


  1. Ahhh, second part of the AJK thingy.. Ooops, really "hang sui wan" when we bumped into trashy people like that.. Ruin the whole day..

  2. Gosh!!! Sounds pretty bad. If like that, nobody would want to join ever again.

  3. hmmm that was such an unpleasant experience la, really no fun at all bumping into this kind of people with this kind if attitude.. but anyways, don't have to put that in heart la, just tell yourself you are of a higher class and it's not worth your time to deal with them or even be angry with them, not the same level mah, hahaha!! :)

  4. That's great! :)

    I've done this before, but it's been a long time since I've done this.

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience, I had a similar experience as a kid (12) travelling to Penang for a Primary Six competition. We were sleeping 3 people to a room, and one of the guys said his jersey was stolen so they checked out bags but it turns out that he left it under a foldable couch. -_-

  5. After reading your comment form and feedback, the committee will take action.. hopefully.. so that it wont reoccur again the next time..

  6. Seems like it is not professionally conducted. The person must watch over her own phone while it is charging and not leave it unattended. Are you joining this year?

  7. wahhhhh the incident sure puts a sour taste in the mouth. A good event turned bad by those who don't know how to act professionally. :(

  8. 的确啊,除非放的地方是全部都信得过的人,真的要小心啊。

  9. hmm..之前有参加过一次的DIY营,还好都很不错。加分,今年也还会想要参与。

  10. Hmm, they really should think wisely and act.. I will be pissed off too if I were you, I hate being kacau when I am about to sleep!!!

  11. 哎,居然遇見這樣的事。

  12. 沟通在委员团体里面是很重要的,而很明显他们这些委员就只是来完成任务而不是真心要办好。

  13. Aiyo! I would have screamed my lungs out!!!!!! Arrrrrrggghhhhhhhhhh!......


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