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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

【Movie|电影】Pacific Rim|环太平洋

This is a great movie!!!
And the special thing is I watched it in GSC's Gold Class!!!
Maybe because my brother and brother in law can't get the ticket so they get this,
Just wasn't sure about it!!!
This is the first time that I enjoyed the movie so much!!!
There's comfort blanket and chair,
Also there's server to send drinks to us!!! =]

Back to the movie,
It's really awesome,
It do reminds me that how ultraman beat the dinosaur!!!
(Ops, accidentally show which age generation I'm)
Other from that,
the most touching part is how they gather up the every countries,
just to beat up the monster together!!! =]

Even though I'm so busy recently,
But I'm still consider lucky to have to time to watch new movie!!! =]
All of theses just have to thanks to my brother and my second brother in law!!! =]
这个电影很好看!!! =]
而且最好的是这次我是在GSC的Gold Class看的!!!
所以我哥哥和二姐夫买了Gold Class的戏票,
还有人送饮品!!! =]

一起来打怪兽真的很感动!!! =]


这要谢谢我的哥哥和二姐夫让我可以看新电影至于还这么享受!!! =]

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Country: United States
Language: Mandarin, Cantonese
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Running Time: 132minutes (2hr12mins)
Directed by: Guillermo del Toro

In the near future, giant monsters identified as "Kaiju" have risen from a portal in a crevasse beneath the Pacific Ocean, resulting in a war that takes millions of lives and quickly consumes humanity's resources. To combat the monsters, a special type of weapon is designed: massive robots, known as Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge. But as the war continued on for over ten years, even the Jaegers struggle to win the war against a relentless enemy. Against all odds, the remaining forces of mankind make a final stand to end the Kaiju menace.

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  1. 最近没有时间看电影,看你的分享,我也好想看啊~~~~好多部还没有看!要下载了啦~

    1. 哪里有得下载??? 来分享,分享一下,我也有很多电影想看!!! =]

  2. oh, i have heard many friends saying this is a very nice movie.. of all who watched, all gave positive reviews.. must put this in my watch list already.. :)

    1. Good and watch this, you won't be disappointed about it!!! =]

  3. Gold Class的福利很不错哦,看得出你很享受呢!!

    1. 真是超级享受的,我下次要带手机出门拍拍一下,呵呵!!! =]

  4. 这部戏我一直很想看,可是又不舍得在新加坡看,因为戏票很贵嘛....

    1. 等多几个星期,网上应该有比较清晰的版本可以看到吧!!! =]


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