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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

【Movie|电影】Our Times|《我的少女時代》

November 10, 2015, Tuesday
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This is the movie that people kept on talking about and on almost everyone status showing. Too bad is a girly style of movie, that my brother and brother in law won't choose to watch it, so that's why I don't get a chance to watch it. But thankfully my mom's friend recommend this movie to her, so by that, I just got the chance to watch it.

Before it, I was like...what makes it so special?? I guess is story line must be some sort of Taiwanese drama, like those rich and handsome like the poor ugly girl (which is apparently she's not ugly at all) But this movie wasn't like that, all the story is about a normal girl with normal life, guess the great part of the movie that caught so much attention is the simple life of the actress. Where she crashing for the handsome guy, got punished by teacher due to the bad results and encountered someone which is so pretty and smart that everyone likes.

Reminds me of the backdates that always have pretty girl around me, then I will become an invisible person, how sad...okay!! Maybe you said just only one girl then I take it too serious...but the things is every girls around me is the same. Once they shows up, I'll become invisible person again. Serious, I do not wish to recall that if the choice.
瘋魔整個馬來西亞,全部人都在討論的電影(不過幾乎全部都是女性)心想一定又是偶像劇的那種劇情,什麽女主角很平凡(但是明明就是個美女),然後很帥很厲害的男主角又喜歡上了她的那種爛耿的劇情。這種這麽少女的電影,不用建議我哥哥和二姐夫也不會去看,本來是想自己一個人去看,但是每天忙出忙進的,工作回家倒頭就睡,別説讓出什麽時間來看電影。 但好在媽媽的晨運朋友說這部電影好看,所以我才真的有時閒來欣賞這部電影。

回說我的少女時代,我還真的沒有什麽少女時代,因爲我的少女時代讀著女校,勾心鬥角,處處競爭激烈的女校。 所以我那時候只會讀書,死都要拼到第一名,拼到好成績(雖然成績還很差,哈哈哈~~~)不過也不知道是不是那時看太多女生與女生之間的邪惡交鋒,而導致我不怎麽喜歡跟女生做朋友惡習。

很多女生都說他們看這部電影哭很多,我沒有哭,但是最後的對白,的確是有感動的,[我們說沒事,就是有事! 沒關係,就是有關係!] 還有男主角的最終告白吧! 很多人都說這部電影憶起他們很多往事,可能我的中學跟其他人不同,所以回憶起的都是勾心鬥角的場面。 反而沒有說起的是裏面其他角色,例如蔡颐榛,有看終極系列的,對她一定不陌生,還有也是終極系列的那维勋,斷腸人。這也讓聯想到其實徐太宇打架場面和課室場面都很像終極一班,還有讓我驚喜的是有曲家瑞演出,有點好像在演繹她自己的角色般,因爲她也是教師然後又還沒結婚。

美玲很早就看了,然後一直嚷我一定要去看,她說電影裏的一句對白[我們的初戀註定輸給陶敏敏那樣的女生!] 讓她讚嘆不已。 這個的確不能否認的是人都是外貌協會的,我就是那種經站在美女旁邊而慘被當透明人的人。那種可憐到,我幾乎可以說我的EQ都是在那時候被訓練出來的,因爲常常都這樣,假如自己不控制好自己情緒,就一定會爆燈。我指的常常是一個美女,然後第二,第三。。。好像我身邊出現過的女生都一定是美女似的,而我就是一而再,再而三的慘被當透明人。。。(唉,還真的慘不忍睹的那些年。。。誰要去憶起啊??)

Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Romance
Running Time: 134 minutes (2 hours 14 minutes)
Directed by: Frankie Chen 陳玉珊
Starring by: Darren Wang 王大陸, Vivian Sung 宋芸樺, Dino Lee 李玉璽, Dewi Chien 簡廷芮

The film opens in the present day, where Lin Zhen Xin is an ordinary office worker who gets ridiculed by her subordinates. Dejected, she listens to a cassette recording of an old Andy Lau song. This brings her back to her high school days, where she was an ordinary high school girl. She has a crush on OuYang Fei Fan, the school's most popular male student.

One day, Zhen Xin received a chain letter, warning her of impending doom if she does not pass the message on. Naively, she passes it on to Xu Tai Yu, the school's notorious gangster boss, her math teacher and Tao Min Min, the school's most popular girl. While Tai Yu was reading the letter, he got injured in an car accident. After weeding out the letter's sender, the angry Tai Yu made Zhen Xin his 'friend' and forced her to run errands for him in exchange for leaving Fei Fan alone. During one such errand, Tai Yu got into a gang fight with a rival school while he was at a roller-blading ring with Zhen Xin during school hours. Zhen Xin was made to clean the swimming pool as punishment.

While cleaning the swimming pool, Zhen Xin accidentally overheard a conversation between Min Min and Fei Fan and discovered that they are in a secret relationship. Dejected, she creates an alliance with Xu Tai Yu, who likes Tao Min Min, to break the couple up. They took ridiculous actions, such as stealing the puppy that Min Min and Fei Fan were taking care of, to reduce the couple's opportunities to work together. While these actions attracted the attention of the respective people they were chasing, they also came to understand each other better.

Zhen Xin discovered by chance that Tai Yu was from an elite science class and was good friends with Fei Fan in junior high school. Digging further, she learned that Tai Yu became withdrawn after the drowning of his friend during an impulsive open-sea swimming challenge. Upon learning this, Zhen Xin made determined efforts to draw Tai Yu out of his past and gradually, he turns into a well-behaved and studious student. He promised Zhen Xin that he will stop getting involved in gang fights and became the 10th top student in the school.

However, the discipline master of the school, Mr Chuan, denied all of Tai Yu's achievements and labelled him a cheat. His inflexibility and strictness in the enforcement of school rules, particularly towards Tai Yu, led to a student protest. Meanwhile, Tai Yu began to miss classes, and when he was buying a birthday gift for Zhen Xin, got involved in a fight with his old gang rivals. Zhen Xin thought that he did not honour his promises and refused to talk to him. She was hurt further when Min Min revealed that Tai Yu and Min Min were a couple when she went to thank Tai Yu for his birthday presents. Shortly after, Tai Yu left Taiwan for America, leaving Zhen Xin with no way to contact him in an era without social media.

Eventually, Zhen Xin gets together with Fei Fan, but her mind still lingers on Tai Yu. She belatedly realises that Tai Yu actually has feelings for her after Fei Fan told her how Tai Yu hid the fact that Tai Yu had to go for brain surgery because of the motor accident, fearing that Zhen Xin would blame herself. Fei Fan also urged Zhen Xin to listen to the cassette that Tai Yu gave on her birthday, which contained his love message to her.

Eighteen years later, Zhen Xin remains trapped in her job and her unhappy relationship. She is still unable to book a ticket to an Andy Lau concert. Resigned to strolling around the concert arena, she had a chance encounter with Andy Lau in person. He gives her a contact to receive complimentary tickets for the concert. The contact turned out to be the grown-up Tai Yu, who reveals that the concert was organised because of his promise to Zhen Xin that he would give her an opportunity to see Andy Lau on stage.

林真心(宋芸樺 飾),一個平凡的高中女生,喜歡上全校最受歡迎的男神歐陽非凡(李玉璽 飾)。某天在學校時發現收到了一封幸運信,卻也因此意外的認識徐太宇(王大陸 飾)。而因為一次去清掃泳池時,不小心聽到心上人歐陽非凡和校花陶敏敏(簡廷芮 飾)的秘密;在喜歡陶敏敏的流氓學生徐太宇的脅迫下,兩人組成「失戀陣線聯盟」,誓言拆散這對戀人,幫助彼此倒追心上人。 


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  1. I watched this movie too with my husband and my daughters. I never watch any movie like this kind before. After hearing lots of good review of this movie, I planned to take my daughters to watch, and finally my husband decided to follow us too.

    We find this movie very nice and my daughters like the movie song that sang by HEBE.

    1. Yea, me too, I was kept on listening to the song after that, but actually I already love this song before this movie, hehe!

  2. 这部电影真的很不错,有被感动到。

  3. Nope, not for me this one. Ah well, in fact, I am not into movies so most would not interest me, I'm afraid. :(

  4. 裡頭的確有好多句經典台詞,引起眾人的共鳴,這部電影才會深受大家的歡迎~

  5. I actually quite enjoy this movie, though the settings is in a Taiwanese high school but somehow I could link a little also since I was in a Chinese independent high school.. I would actually say this is the girl version of 那些年, haha!! a nice movie lah actually.. :)

  6. Hahaha, I struggled to decide whether to watch this or not, because of the title. Still struggling now... hahaha...

  7. 小幸运这首歌,我播了又播。这部电影,我还看了2次呢。

  8. I have heard good reviews about this movie but I have not watched it. Sorry to hear it brought back not so good memories for you in that you become invisible when there are girls around you.


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