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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

【LEGO|樂高】Dream & Build | 夢與建造

November 17, 2015, Tuesday
Lego is one of the toys that I used to play a lot when I was a child, but not those fancy one, just that those enough to build a house or truck something like that. So when I saw this in here, was thinking to go on this weekend as the last weekend I've already went to a car show. Yea, only an event per week due to my heavy workload again and not enough sleep some more. Gosh, hope I've a helper to distribute my work a bit.
有點非常趕的博文,這個本來我是要在星期六時候才到訪的展覽,因爲我電腦要送進厰的關係,所以就來到了1U這裡。 印象中馬來西亞好像很少這樣的展覽,而在當我去了這個以後,我同事都問我“你很喜歡樂高嗎?那麽柔佛的那個樂園你是不是有去過?” 柔佛那個太貴了,一個人去樂園哦,我還沒想過,不是我害怕一個人去,而且最重要的是我沒有那麽喜歡去樂園嘛!

So why did I go on Tuesday instead, is because......my laptop was broke down on Monday, not exactly broke down actually but it just cannot be charged, so I gonna send it to the service center to repair...very sad news indeed......please don't remind that and the even worst news is I gonna leave it there for two weeks......

Cut all the crap, since I was there so I'm thinking that might just take some time afterwards to checkout this exhibition. But very  unfortunately I don't have my camera with me so all these pictures are taken with my phone.

Star Wars is the one caught my attention the most, but surprisingly I'm not star wars fan, hahaha!!! And I haven't watch any of it's series, guess the only reason makes I like it is because of the spaceship.

Ummmm, Friends! This's so girly, I'm not really into it but I can't refuse that they're very unique and cute indeed. Especially the funfair, or should I call it theme park? Not sure which one is correct, but as long as it has brought out the meaning anyway.

The castle! Actually I'm so not into castle, but I got impress by all the design. It was so detail that you won't feel like miss out any of its part.

These are all the model that build by public, not sure when was it build, but pretty sure is they're having some sort of competition where the candidates send in all their hard work in it.
至於這個,我猜想應該是他們之前有什麽樂高比賽的,所以這些都是他們的比賽作品,真的每一個都不是馬虎了事。 真心覺得他們爲了製造一個模型出來,可能背後還有去畫圖,然後計算要用多少樂高來完成,而且顔色還要恰當的配合。

Oh ya, this is my second favorite, the LEGO city, all the shop block buildings. I was serious taking picture one by one of it, but of course I'm not gonna to spoil your mood by showing all here. Maybe after the event has ended, it's for those who couldn't make it to the event, at least they have my pictures here to see.
最目不轉睛的一個,因爲是城市的主題,所以他們把每一個商店都做出來,有油站又有電源站,真不是省油的燈。 而且建築物裏面不只是外表罷了,透明的樂高裏面還可以看到,他們裏面也是有裝飾的。

Dream and build is their theme for this event obviously. Very inspiring theme indeed, dream first then build it. Is like our life, whatever we want, we dream for it and go for it, it might not become true, but at least you try. Dream big and start working on it.
夢與建造這個主題實在太美了,很有激勵性的感覺,就像是你要有夢,然後再去行動,就會有實現的一天。 不怕誇大的夢,只怕你沒有夢,像是周星馳電影裏說的“人假如沒有夢想,跟一條鹹魚有什麽分別呢?”

Looks like Christmas is coming to town but why this end so soon?? It has brought me back to my memory in Hong Kong in 2012 where all the LEGO has been enlarged.
除了那個主題,整體來説都是用聖誕來裝飾,但是這個活動到這個星期日就結束了,怎麽他們不把它延長呢? 應該會有很多人喜歡的啊!話説聖誕的樂高,這卻回想起我2012年在香港看到放大版的樂高哦!



✈39 & ✈40

✈41 & ✈42

✈43 & ✈44

✈45 & ✈46

✈47 & ✈48

✈49 & ✈50
The abandoned Christmas tree...everyone seems to be just focus on the small LEGO and forgot about this. If I didn't walk closer to see, I won't even know it has all different little unique decorations on it. SO I'm highly recommend to checkout this exhibition, it's very unique indeed and the most important thing is "It's FREE!" Back to the one I went in Taiwan, I need to pay 100 Taiwan dollar for the entrance, even though display the different thing, but this is definitely worthy (okay, don't tell me how about the parking fee and the petrol...that's obviously you want to came out some excuses for it)
深入的主題,就等展覽過後再寫吧,因爲假如現在放完出來,去到看的時候,就沒有驚喜了。 所以現在先放比較大個的樂高欣賞吧! 先來説說這棵聖誕樹,假如我不走前去看,還真的不知道樹上的每一個小小樂高模型都是不一樣的,個個都是獨一無二,總共有十二的他們這麽可愛,大家記得去那邊時候要跟它們拍照哦! 這個長年都很少有的展覽,真的不容錯過,而且最重要的他還是免費的(什麽停車費,油費,過路費那個不要計算進來)

Event Periods: November 10 (Tuesday) ~ November 22 (Sunday), 2015
Time: 10am - 10pm
Admission Fee: Free
Address: 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Lower Ground Oval, Bandar Utama City Centre, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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  1. yes I think Lego is liked by many kids, and even adults.. I used to have one box, and just that box of Lego, throughout my childhood, I still remember one auntie bought me that because I casually gave her 4 numbers that she won Magnum!! hahaha.. but dunno go where already loo~~ :p

    1. Hahaha, you got that luck, so how about after that? Did she ask you to pick again ya? Since got the first time won, hahaha!

  2. nice Lego exhibition there in 1U.. I like looking at the Lego built into different shapes and sizes, the giant ones will of course impress me the most.. though I won't pay to go into Legoland, I don't mind go to these free admissions exhibition lor, hahahaha!!

  3. 原来乐高也可以有那么多造型的变化啊

  4. I like the sketches that you do and put in as the first photo in your post. Very nice!

  5. Oh My God! I missed this event as I was in Tokyo. I came back but had no idea it was still running for few days.


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