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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

【LEGO|樂高】Castle I | 城堡1

November 17, 2015, Tuesday
Is kind of messy of this castle post, as it's not part by part but is like pieces by pieces. Still remember that I don't know where to start taking pictures and also not easy to capture all as I've tried, but you might confused......
第一個的城堡展品真不知道怎麽寫,因爲他們都放得密密麻麻,加上我的個子矮小,我曾想過,假如我很高,那麽不是可以輕而易舉清楚的拍到裏面的照片了嗎? 不過只可惜我很矮啊!

So there are three big castles placed three corners and the fourth corner is a mountain (no, maybe is a cave), market in the middle and ships seem to be like their only transportation from island to island.

Closed up picture of the ship. Can tell even it's just a small part of the whole thing, but it was quite detail, we all the flags, the logo and crews that are holding the paddle.

Two towers here, one is for the soldiers as the watchtower and another is to locked up the dinosaur (looks like Tyrannosaurus) It even has a metal cuff on its leg.
一座守城的守望塔,一座用來關恐龍(這是不是暴龍啊?)的塔。 仔細看看恐龍的腳還有一條鐵鍊綁住,這是要做到那麼仔細嗎?你說怎麼不佩服呢?

Very closed up to the first castle where all the troops are lining to enter the castle. It's not just a simple castle but with the army and defense ready...(like those in HK drama and Hollywood movie)
彷彿好像士兵打戰海旋歸來般,騎著馬兒入城,還帶上了戰利品。 旁邊小小粉紅屋頂教堂,不僅讓我想要進入裡面看個究竟。。。想必這種古代的教堂一定很美。

This is the mountain with cave that I mentioned before, so what's inside the cave?? Is a mummy! Hmm, is the background story has something to do with the ancient Egypt???
山洞裡有個木乃伊? 這是古埃及的故事嗎?還是製作人覺得沒有東西放,而放了一個木乃伊呢? 但這個創作其實還不錯,這跟增添了他的神秘感。

What is this exactly?? I don't know, but it reminds me of this Howl's Moving Castle animation...(nope, I haven't watch that, but it does slightly look like the poster, is it?? Seems like not so which I found out later......)

The second castle here is totally different design and looks more defensible. The builder here trying to make it visible inside, they did the transparent wall edition at the back of the castle.

Did you see a waterfall here?? It might not be so clear here, but the one on the other side castle theme was look so real. I do impress that they even make the water splash on the river which makes it even more real.
在這裡隱約可以看到瀑布,但是這個沒有製作到很真,在第二個城堡的展示做得較為真。 可是不能忽略的是在河流上的水花(假如換作是我,我就只是做藍藍的河流罷了,哪裡還會想到要去做那些水泡啊!)

Not so clear market pictures because I was using my phone to capture all these  picture anyway, so the quality of zooming function wasn't that good here. There're still certain thing that we need the advanced camera to capture.

Surprisingly I only have a single picture of the third castle, but I guess you've seen enough, right?? This's more like common one, blue round con roof and tall watch tower with it.

Done!! Was thinking I wasn't be able to write this, because it's too many pictures and very confusing, I got to dig back all my memories to link them together.

Event Periods: November 10 (Tuesday) ~ November 22 (Sunday), 2015
Time: 10am - 10pm
Admission Fee: Free
Address: 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Lower Ground Oval, Bandar Utama City Centre, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


  1. very impressive and 何其壯觀!! the Synergy team must have spent lots of sleepless nights to get the castle built up.. i wonder how many pieces of Lego have they used?? was there this piece of information being displayed somewhere?? i think should put information on how many pieces used, and how long they spent, else really cannot imagine the effort leh.. or maybe want to count how many pieces also need many many days, hahaha~~ :D

    1. They didn't stated there like how many pieces they used, they just put the builder names only. Too bad, the organizer doesn't get serious on that.

  2. Awesome!!! Would need a lot to make one castle, obviously.

  3. Wow! So many nice photos and it took me 20 minutes to admire the creativity. The manufacturers are so innovative nowadays that there is nothing they could not make! Look at that MUMMY!

    1. The castle reminds me of the interior of the Hampton Court Palace in England. Memories flooding back.

    2. Holy moly, thanks for the info TM, I checked out the castle, it was so nice like those inside fairy tales.

  4. Wah... wah.... that's really a lot of Lego and more than Legoland!! You seems to love the castle sets!

    If I bring my kids there ... my wallet sure empty!!

    1. Hahaha, hmmm, maybe....hahaha......I like the city one more.

  5. Thanks for sharing! Legos can be made into so many pretty things.


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