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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

【LEGO|樂高】Star Wars|星戰

November 17, 2015, Tuesday
Since Star Wars is so hit recently, so I started with the star wars collection first and it also is the one that I like it very much. Hope the movie is as good as expected ya. (This gonna be lots of pictures, please be expected!)

Mini Battle of Yavin Aka Death Star Trench ~ Erman

SW 7 Kylo Ren & Finn Showdown ~ Chris Chow

SW 7 Escape of Rey ~  Jan Ooi & Ng Wy (Toycrazy)

SW 7 1st Order The Fighter & Millenium Falcon Chase ~ Chris Chow

SW7 Attack of X-Wings ~ Douqlas Nido

Wookie Alliance ~ Joe Bytes

Muscle-G vs Sky Crawler ~ Heartbricker Joe

Mf At Mos Eisley Spaceport ~ Heartbricker Joe

Abandoned Refuge ~ Heartbricker Joe

Sw Space Battle Imagination ~ Edric Tan Chen Ping & Dylan Tan Xi Honn

Double Decker Invasions ~ How Wan Wei

Pod Racer ~ Guan Yu

Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike ~ Syafiq Amruzan

Rebel Pursuit On Lothal ~ Shahrul Farhan

Mini Battle of Hoth ~ Thanesvaran Santhana

Vader Mecha ~ Ng Wy (Toycrazy)


Training Dagobah ~ Amiro

Star Wars Logo ~ Erman

Droids Escape EP4 ~ Nurnisa Ellya Erman

Obi Wan VS Darth Vader EP4 ~ Eqhwan Nurhaqim Erman

Anakin & Luke Lightsaber ~ Erman

Mini Battle of Hoth ~ Erman

Final Viotory ~ Terry Lai

Chalmun's Cantina ~ Marck Valderrama

Mos Eisly Cantina ~ Jerry Kit

Star Wars Christmas ~ Cassius Lai

Done, thanks for reading, the next coming up one is the castle theme which has dragon at the tower and little troops matching into the castle...to be continued...
星戰的總算圓滿結束,其實我還蠻想快點寫完,因爲照片太多又不清楚,放太久就會忘記。 這個接下來就會是城堡篇,一個深山的城堡,有被困在高塔的龍,有操步進城堡的小士兵。

Event Periods: November 10 (Tuesday) ~ November 22 (Sunday), 2015
Time: 10am - 10pm
Admission Fee: Free
Address: 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Lower Ground Oval, Bandar Utama City Centre, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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  1. 很惭愧地说我没看过 star wars >< 不过这些模型都好精致啊

  2. wah!!! so many photos of those beautiful Lego!! surely not easy to build up all those Star Wars characters and scenes leh, sure they spent many sleepless nights to get them completed, but i guess they would be very happy to know that so many people like those Lego they have put up, and all efforts were worth it!!

    1. Yea, it's very time consuming, last few days I build up those Shell LEGO one, even they're quite easy but still take some time for it...

  3. Wahhhhhh!!! You would need to fork out a whole lot of money to have anything not even half as nice as all those.

    1. Hahaha, I guess they found a sponsor or something...

  4. Wow.. So many replicas! How I wish I can go there !

    1. You've one very impressive one at Changi airport, go see it before it ends.

  5. wow, amazing! Would be great to get a star war lego set. Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos.

    1. You're most welcome, thanks for appreciate that! =]

  6. Thanks for the photos. You haven't watched star wars - the force awakens yet? go go go, I like the movie. :)

    1. I watched already, hehe! I was pretty cool, I mean the x-wing, I really like the aircraft.

  7. I see see, then I got lost at Vader Mecha. Got such thing in the movies??

    1. I don't know, hahaha! That got to ask those hardcore fans...

  8. This is my 3rd time coming to this post to admire your so many photos! I am really impressed by the creativity of humans to create them into blocks. I like the way the land, slopes and water were made so artistically.

    Thank you very much for sharing these photos. You took great pains to snap them all and post them. Banyak terima kasih!


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