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Sunday, May 15, 2016


May 15, 2016, Sunday
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Whole movie scene was shoot indoor, from train to office then office by train to back home, it was very transparent. Everybody doing the same thing everyday, go to work by eight then back by five sharp like daily routine. And also story of dealing with office politics and beneficial. Guess the special part of the movie is it presents like a musical, not many musical type of movie from Hong Kong.
香港少有的舞臺劇電影,而且還加上這麽多大卡。 電影充分展示出現在社會的打工仔的生活模式,每天做著同樣的東西,同樣的工作,像是個機器人般的生活著,每天準時上班,準時下班,從家裏到辦公室的一切。 電影里的劇情當然還有覆蓋著公司内的政治,爲自爲利的處事方式。
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  1. I hardly watch HK movies these days, even their dramas also very seldom watch already, feel that 最近的戏剧都不大好看了~~

  2. 没看这部电影,但在《香港金像奖》有多个提名和好像有得奖,应该不错?

  3. I didn't know about this. I guess there is a lot of dancing and singing in this movie since it is a musical?


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