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Sunday, May 08, 2016

【Violin|小提琴】My First Violin Group Performance|我第一次的小提琴團體表演

May 8, 2016, Sunday
My first violin performance was worst than I expected, luckily it's a group performance, have those expert to cover me up. How bad was it? Hmm, few keys are wrong obviously... Not that I didn't practice at all, or I should say I have not done enough practice because I know the way, even though I was scared I should be able to play well by memories like had just printed in my mind, is become like a routine for me.
我人生的第一次的小提琴團體表演還真的很爛,因為我即使在家練得很熟悉,但是一到台前就忘得一乾二淨,而且還一直頻頻拉錯。 還能推卸責任到哪裡? 我只能怪我自己的練習不足夠,我的確將自己的時間排得很滿,不要說硬擠時間,那是根本都擠不出來的那種。

Plus, I look so fat inside here...which means I need to put more efforts in my workout too. So here's my time go......Lack of time, lack of practice and this's what I got. Like the word SK always said "Practice makes perfect". So I need to spend more time in practicing, hope that not too long I can play like expert, hehe!

Actually that day is Tzu Chi Buddhism Day, Kepong Tzu Chi Center has celebration and open house for it. Introduced to the public about what classes they're having and violin is one of it. After my violin performance, I walked around (gossip around) then I found a classroom that's displaying artwork of ceramic class. Most of them are done the students, pretty impressive yea!
説完音樂來説說其他的吧! 其實當天是慈濟的浴佛節,有開放給觀衆參與,所以才讓各個班級去表演。 表演過後,我沒有即刻回家,反而是到處逛逛,來到了這個陶藝班,裏面的作品實在太精湛了,都不得不拍照下來留戀,而且多數的作品,都是學生的作品啊。

✈10   Picture Sources
Before I end this, I would share something funny here, they're having this portrait thing earlier in the morning, then my eldest sister sent this picture to us told us she's inside. I was like "how could I tell which one is you?"
分享結束前來個搞笑的吧! 在當天早上慈濟的志工們有個這樣的集體活動,我的大姐傳了這張照片給我,告訴我她在照片裏面,我問她“那你在哪裏?”

Then she sent the second picture, she said above the 大 word but obviously still couldn't recognized which one is her?? =.=
然後她把照片放大再傳過來說“在“大”字上面?” 。。。我問她說“你覺得我是會認得出你嗎??”

She sent again the next picture......=.=!! Seriously? I guess I need a HD image plus microscope then only I can see her face clearly LOL!!

Event Date: May 8 (Sunday), 2016
Time: 5am - 7pm
Address: 359, Jalan Kepong Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


  1. 不错哦!!我一直都想要学乐器呀~~

    1. 在想着,哈哈,因为大概家中两老不太会同意,可能要等到经济独立了才学吧?

    2. 那就等到那時候吧,自己付的,可能比較用心學。

  2. 凡是都有第一次,学乐器不简单哦,我投降,哈哈!! :)

    1. 爲什麽? 應該嘗試一下,不要那麽容易投降

  3. I must commend you on your effort to learn violin. Very industrious and good learning spirit!


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