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Sunday, May 15, 2016

【StockExchange|證券交易所】 Beurs van Berlage | 阿姆斯特丹舊證券交易所

May 15, 2016, Sunday
Guess I'm one of not many do something like this, I'm gonna write building by building. Sorry yea, this blogger like buildings very much, just like the way I like aircraft. 
真是很抱歉的我的阿姆斯特丹之旅沒有看到很多花,因爲我去的時候還是冬季,還不是花兒盛開的季節。 所以你基本上看到的都是建築物,因爲建築物是我續交通工具后,最喜歡的東西,還是應該說他們的喜歡程度都是同等的。

 Before I got the map, I just kept walking on Demrak Avenue. A group of tourist waiting outside of a tourist center, not sure what they're waiting for and I continued walking and noticed the building on the left.
在還沒拿到那地圖前,我還是在達姆拉克大街走著。 就不管會不會路,就是這樣走走看看。 一大群人在旅游詢問中心外面等候,不清楚他們在等什麽,我衹顧著開始拍我喜歡的建築物。


Heard from my colleagues, Amsterdam is a safe city, see! The bikes were park outside without any lock. Hmmm....but I keep this fact until then.
照片里還可以清楚的看到腳車,摩托車就這樣放在路邊,安全得很,也不擔心會被偷似的。 但是我對這一切有所保留,因爲發生了一些事而讓我對這一切的觀點都起了變化。。。
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  1. So did you go up the tower? or visit the cafe for some drinks or snacks?

    1. Nope, I just passed by and it was very early in the morning.


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