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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

【Haul|購物】A Bouquet of Flower for my Mom|給媽媽的一束花

May 3, 2016, Tuesday
Every year of mother's day and my mom's birthday, I will get a bouquet flower for my mom, because she likes flower (I know some would say flower won't last this and that, but before you conclude that, I got that say that's what my mom really likes)
在每一年的母情節和媽媽的生日,我都會買花給我媽媽,那是因爲我媽媽很喜歡花(我知道假如我不這樣强調,一定會有人說幹嘛買花? 花枯萎了就沒有了,應該買一些實用的東西)

 Previously I used to buy flower from shop where inside the shopping mall, but lots of people staring at me when I was carrying the flower walk in the shopping mall and that definitely doesn't make me feel comfortable at all. So this year, I was thinking maybe buy from online, so it's gonna be more surprise when it arrived. Thus I found this shop, calls Bright Garden (link here) I called up to ask whether they've other color of rose, because I remember my mom said she hasn't seen one black rose before, from what I saw from their website is they don't have black roses but they have blue roses. Surprisingly they're so honest, they told me that the blue roses are sprayed one......hmmm......like that, I might just choose back lily which I always buy for her, because lily is the only flower that can last longer, like one to two weeks long at least.
從前我都是直接到花店買花,但是我去的花店通常都是在商場裏面,每次買完了后,捧著一束花在商場裏面走,就會有很多人看著我(都不知道看什麽?) 所以今年我想上網訂花,所以在谷歌大神的幫助下,我找到了這一家,在網站上,我看到了藍色玫瑰,記得媽媽有説過,她沒有看過黑色的玫瑰,所以我就打電話到花店詢問看。 沒想到的是誠實的花店老闆告訴我那藍色玫瑰是噴漆的。 啊! 那如果是這樣我倒不如買回我平時買的百合比較好,因爲百合確實也比其他花朵比較耐放,假如照料得好,它可以保持開花狀態最少一到兩個星期。(這也是爲什麽媽媽曾經告訴過我假如買花給她,最好就是買百合的原因)

Name of the bouquet is "Happiness" cost RM 140, it do arrived on Saturday (May 7) but unfortunately it wasn't like what I expected, for some reason my house door bell wasn't working properly all the time, so the man who delivery called me up. I told my mom to go out of the house collect it, but the other way round, she asked me to faster to pick it up, don't let others wait of you. OoO!!!   Despite all the good thing is in the end is she like it very much, hehe! 
這一束花有它自己的名堂,叫做“幸福”,一百四十零吉。 我這天訂下,要求五月七日,星期六送上,我刻意這樣做其實是我還想製造一些驚喜。 衹是沒想到的是當天送花來大叔,因爲我家的門鈴壞了,所以他打電話給我,然後我就跟媽媽說出去拿花,媽媽還反叫回我快點出去跟人家拿,不要讓人家等。。。蝦米? 不過到最后媽媽都很喜歡,所以沒關係啦! 但是我現在在想,爲什麽衹有母親節和生日才可以送,我生日也可以送啊,因爲是母難日,那也是一個表達謝意的時候啊!

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  1. That's a lovely bouquet of flowers! Lucky, your mum!

  2. That's so nice of you! Well, daughters are always more sentimental and caring compared to sons..hahaha

  3. Who cares what others say, it is for your mother so if she is happy to receive fresh flowers in bouquets, then a bouquet of flowers it is for her!

    1. I just put it there first, in case other else will say that.


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