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Sunday, May 15, 2016

【TrainStation|火車站】Amsterdam Centraal Station|阿姆斯特丹中央車站|Bahnhof Amsterdam Centraal

May 15, 2016, Sunday
Out of the train, finally have the feeling that "I'm now in Amsterdam already!". Morning train is so quiet and peaceful, before I back here afternoon, for one second I thought Amsterdam is so quiet but in exact way this is the heart, the city of Netherlands, so it's just all because I was there too early in the morning.
還未踏出火車之前,都感覺不出來自己身在阿姆斯特丹,但是一踏出火車的那一步,看到密密麻麻,很大的火車站時,我終于有了那種“我終于在阿姆斯特丹了!”的感覺了。 早上的阿姆斯特丹很安靜,安靜得讓我覺得這個城市衹是一個小鎮罷了。

The last time when I see as complex train tracks like this was in Japan (which I haven't started blog about it yet) Not to say oversea's moon always prettier than our own country, but the fact do prove that. They're serving extremely many lines and always on time, but ours which has not so many but always......
回顧最上一次看到這麽密密麻麻的火車綫路是在日本的時候(好! 不要一再提醒我日本的游記寫不出來,而且那我還衹是開了787的一篇,因爲我就是要寫787) 話説回來看到這些複雜的路綫圖,再看看我國的區區幾條路綫,不僅真的還想感嘆,爲什麽他人的那麽多條路綫,都能夠準時抵達,但我國的沒幾條路綫,卻常常延誤呢。。。。。。

Just stepped out of the train station, I started to get addicted to their buildings and always don't forget to take picture of their train station, even at those small town train station. It still indeed very attractive.

才一踏出火車站,就深深的被這建築給吸引住了,在荷蘭不管是大大小小的火車站都是別一番風味,充滿了歐式建築的吸引力。 讓我每個火車站都不僅的拍了好多張,這哥德式建築讓我像傻瓜那樣站在當下呆了幾分鐘,衹爲了把它烙印在腦海裏。 維基百科了一下,原來這建築師和阿姆斯特丹國家博物館的建築師是同一個人,難怪這倆的建築風格那麽相同。

Practically I've half day free in Amsterdam before I depart to the other city. Can you imagine I was there without doing any "homework" as normally people always do?? Which when they knew they will have half day free at a new attraction, they will do research and plan everything before they depart...hmmm...... Seriously, I don't have time for that and I'm lazy. Thus basically I was walking blindly in Amsterdam for half day...OMG!!
正常人假如知道自己會在一個地方呆上半天的時間,肯定是拼命的做功課,找資料,看看哪裏可以逛。 反倒是我,卻什麽都不管,就這樣上機,買了火車票來到這裏。 除了火車站看著指示牌,開始迷茫不知道往哪兒走,我竟然隨性到這個樣子,在阿姆斯特丹亂走了半天。
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  1. 火车站不错呀 阿姆斯特丹火车站是在古城中心的 很多名胜都在附近 而且还看到运河 只有半天来这里就对了 ;)

    1. 但是我是運河沒那麼容易找,我還找了一下

  2. OK lah, just walk and discover things on your own lah. Always pre planned is quite boring also sometimes. Just be spontaneous! I like that the train station looks like those European toy buildings.

    1. Tell about it, but it's not fun if too many transit in a day.


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