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Sunday, May 15, 2016

【Transport|交通】NS International Trains: Airport to Amsterdam|機場到阿姆斯特丹火車|Spoorlijnen in Nederland

May 15, 2016, Sunday
Before I depart, my colleague has given me very well explanation of how to take buy train ticket from the airport to Amsterdam. At first I was thinking go to hotel right away, but he said it was too early, I actually can go walk around Amsterdam first. According to him, exit from the arrival hall, walk towards the left then I will see the counter.
在還沒出發前,我的同事就已經給我很詳細的指示,該如何從機場到酒店。他説衹要一出機場就往左走,就會看到可以買火車票的地方了。 同事說既然我這麽早到,我可以到阿姆斯特丹先逛逛再到酒店去。

At first I saw this, I thought I have to buy from the machines myself. There're a lot like shown in the picture, it was still early like 6 something in the morning, not so crowded.
所以我也就決定先到阿姆斯特丹逛逛吧。 向左邊走就會開始看到很多販賣火車票的機器,當時人潮沒有很多,因爲那時候才早上的六點多而已。

Here you come to the machine, was thinking this will be very convenient to use, despite my colleague mentioned before I can get the train ticket from the counter.
我同事跟我說我可以到櫃檯去買票,但是我還想盡量自己試一試先用機器買票。 選對語言,第一個鍵就是去阿姆斯特丹的鍵(這很簡單嘛!)


Chose the English version (the one with British flag), comes to the second page, I was stuck here...what 1st class?? 2nd class? (later on I knew this is indicate the comfort of the seat class)
再到第二頁,我開始糊塗了,什麽是1st class,2nd class?? 當時我還沒回過意識過來,上了火車后,我經過1st class時候,我才知道那是指比較舒適的座位。

So I gave up, I follow my colleague's instructions, I walk towards to the left more. Here's it, the train tickets and services counter.
好了,玩夠了。。。該放棄去櫃檯買票了,就一直往左走就會看到很大個寫著火車售票處的地方。 (我當時在想我同事一定是擔心我一個人會失蹤,所以處處都説到那麽詳細)

Here's the counter, but wasn't easy at all...so many counter and all written in Dutch...how am I gonna to understand?? I don't care, I just took one line and queue on it. When my turn I asked is this where I can buy train ticket to Amsterdam and she said yes and told price of the ticket is 4.20 euro.
來到櫃檯前面,本來以爲一切都妥當了,誰知道看看上面的電板佈告欄,全部都是荷文(誰會看得懂啊?) 不管了,三七二十一,我隨便找一個隊伍排下去。 輪到我的時候,我先問問這裏是不是可以買火車票到阿姆斯特丹的,她說是了后,再告訴我票價的價錢,是4.20歐元。

Got my ticket, from here (the Schiphzl Airport to Amsterdam - noted Amsterdam C is indicate Amsterdam Central, which is exact train station exceed to Amsterdam)
從機場到16到20分鐘,上面寫著Amsterdam Central指的就是阿姆斯特丹火車站本身,票根必須一直收著,因爲有時候車長會查票。

Great! Now I got the ticket, but I don't know which platform to go =.=!!!   I saw from the ticket it stated "Klasse 2", I thought is "platform 2", so I went to platform 2...
買到票了,接下來的動作當然是找哪個月臺上火車。 車票上寫著Klasse 2,我以爲這個是指二號月臺,我就浩浩蕩蕩的到二號月臺等。

At platform 2, I'm still not sure, so I asked around, one of the passenger told me Amsterdam Central is at platform 3. Oh I see, my bad, "Klasse" is Class in English, "Spoor" is Platform in English.
但是在還不確定的情況下,我還是問了周圍的陌生人,他看著電視熒幕顯示說阿姆斯特丹的在三號月臺。 這下我才知道Klasse是指Class的意思,而Spoor指的才是月臺。

I went to platform 3 immediately, since the train won't be here that I rest and dreaming awhile on the bench nearby. Finally the train is here, it's pretty on time (typical blogger style, the train is here, not go in to the train straight but stop to take a picture first o.O)

They definitely have wifi in the train, my colleague already mentioned this to me. The internet speed was quite good, I bet it was in the morning time, because it wasn't that good later on like during afternoon or evening...
同事一早就告知火車了有無綫網絡,所以不用擔心。 這個無綫網絡早上的時候的網速就很快,但是到了中午還是旁晚,就比較慢了,也許是比較多人用的關係吧!

It was so bright outside, for one second, I thought is almost 9am or 10am...instead it's just 7am. Because the day is longer than night over there. I always like the day is longer than night, it has the impression of you've more time in a day, as it won't get dark until 9pm.
火車的窗外都很光亮,我一直的意識著是已經早上的九點十點了,但實際上衹是六七點罷了。 因爲荷蘭這時候正處於晝長夜短,所以到了晚上九點多才會天黑。

Selfie with no makeup on before arrived. Ready to go see Amsterdam with me?? It took half day for me to cover most of Amsterdam signature buildings, but just the outside part, because it was still quite early in the morning. Not many shops or attractions are opened.
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  1. Lai... fast fast, I wanna see your Amsterdam adventures! Yippee!!

    1. Hahaha, just the outside picture mostly, I will keep those inside visit for next time, hehe!

  2. You must be very excited to be travelling alone in Amsterdam! Thanks for the photos!


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