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Sunday, May 15, 2016

【Communication|通訊】Lebara mobile: Prepaid SIM card|手機上網|Lebara mobiel: Prepaid SIM-kaart

May 15, 2016, Sunday
I touched around 6 something in the morning, stepped out from the arriving hall, ready to walk to the train station. I didn't get any SIM card services when I visit Europe last time, was thinking that I don't have to go online that often. But since this time the SIM card company approach me, so I gave a try.
我們在早上六點多降落,過了關卡出到外面,我正要往火車的地方走去的時候,被推銷sim card的工作人員停住了。 回想去上一次,我沒有買到任何sim card,因爲沒有遇到加上也沒有特別的去尋找。

The one I got is 12.50 euro for 1GB data, can't remember whether is there any calls charge involved. But did make some phone calls there to contact to the other of my colleague who drive the other car. The reason I got SIM card there is for safety purpose I know I always out there alone and just in case anything happened to me, I would still have something to contact. I remember I've used the internet few times, the speed of was quite fast.
12.50歐元給1GB網絡,它應該是還有附加一些多少封簡訊和通話的,由於我沒有即時拍照下來,所以都忘了。 但在荷蘭期間我也有打過幾通電話和傳了幾封簡訊給我另一輛車的同事,全部都有收到。 至於網絡,我是在有需要的時候才開啓它,所以也沒有用到很多,但是它網速還真的蠻快的。 

Passed my phone to the staff, he did everything for me and put back your SIM card in this card envelope, consists of three different card inside, one is for the SIM card itself, one is for the activation code and one is for the manual.
選好最基本的配套,我把手機交給工作人員,他幫我拿SIM card出來,再把舊的放在卡片信封裏面,啓動好再還回給我。 卡片信封裏面包含了三張卡,一個是SIM card自己本身的,啓動號碼卡還有一個説明書。
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  1. That time I went to Europe, I did not get SIM card because I saw mostly is daily rate for short term user. The rate was same as if I just turn on international roaming data. Maybe next time I should look harder. 12.5 euros if can use for a few days is a good price.

    1. Yea, actually I think we really do need one, in case of emergency, especially when we're alone.

  2. That's a good price. I always try to get local sim cards to use when overseas. Try to get the cheapest one.

    1. Yup, we definitely need one, especially travel alone for girls


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