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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Clowns just drew the Smile on their Face

"Clown just drew the Smile on their Face!"
Such a meaningful dialog from Lady Maid Maid!!!

This makes be think a lot!!!
Thinking about people nowadays are just showing the happy face in front of everyone,
even though they have millions of unhappiness in their mind!!!

What to do???
That's a word that I heard form my friend last time,
and I know I will remember this on the rest of my life!!!
He said "no one is willing to hangout with a sadness person!"

To be honest,
I was a freaking emo last time!!!
There's how I got this response from my friend!!!

In order to get more job opportunities, 
you have to please the boss, 
even though you have thousand of unwillingness reasons!!!!

In order to get more friends,
you have to be happy all the time,
so that your friend won't be staying away from you,
even though you're angry at them!!!

That's what's happening in this world in every second!!!
People just have to cover their sadness, angers, complains just to please everyone around them!!!
Can you it how teenagers nowadays love to sit in front of their PC,
rather than hanging out with their friends!!!

By typing what you want to say which makes you think a bit before you type it out,
even though you're in an angry or sad mood,
if you don't tell the friend that you were chatting to,
they just don't know about it,
so they might not know the truth attitude or personality of you!!!
来自蔡淑臻饰演的韩颖 芝的对白!!!




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