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Monday, December 10, 2012

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (台湾桃园国际机场)

Location: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) (TPE), No. 9號航站南路 Dayuan Township, Taoyuan County, Taiwan 337
 Yes!!! I definitely hate pink and doesn't really like Hello Kitty!!!
But this is the first time I saw this, and this airline only fly Taiwan, Hong Kong and of course Japan!!!

Don't be surprise the price of this flight ticket is absolutely expensive...
Just because everything is in Hello Kitty and PINK!!!

 Why I took this picture???
This is just because of the thing a little look like an aircraft thing, 
but I'm pretty sure that's no sure aircraft in the world,
because it doesn't have any airflow shape that allow it goes up to the sky!!!

So, what makes me feel like it likes an aircraft is...

 Okay, others from aircraft, I love Christmas too, especially Christmas tree!!!

Okay, this...is what we ate for the lunch on that day!!!
AND!!! We are late for the boarding time!!!
What a shame!!! But thank God, they didn't announce our names!!!

why are we late??? because of this lunch???
NOPE!!! Because my brother confuse with the boarding time,
my brother and my second brother in law are going to Shanghai for business trip
and the rest of us are back to Malaysia,
my brother flight is later than us, 
so he was confused with that, 
and ME???
why I wasn't aware of it??? because I'm with my family, 
so as usual, I just let my family member to settle everything!!!

and guess what had happened???
I was nervous and feel bad, so I was running towards the boarding gate that enter to the aircraft,
and this really...steward STOP me!!!

He ask me "your boarding pass, please?"
I told him my seat,
and he was like again "I need to see your boarding pass"
I was late and I feel shame for the late, and this guy!!!

Okay, let me explain this, why am I not holding my boarding pass is...
after they scan my boarding pass, then I just straight away put it into my purse,
so it will be easy for my to carry my stuff!!!
Yes, I'm carrying one big travel bag (that white travel that I shown in the post before)
so just incase for me not to drop this and that, then I just kept it properly,

And I did this all the time, 
while I went to US that time or even fly back time too!!!

Okay, back to the story, I was telling him I was late and on the same time, 
I drop my bag on the floor and look for the boarding pass for him JUST TO SEE!!!

Then you know what he said to me???
he said "I need to see your boarding pass, tell me which airline that doesn't see your boarding pass?"

Okay, after he pass me back my freaking boarding pass, 
I straight away walk into the cabin and 
said "WHATEVER!!!"

Okay, that's kind of rude, 
but sorry, because I was very pissed at that time!!!

And guys do you know what airline is this???
this bombastic, follow the rules all the time, make it sounds like so professional airline is.....

That steward...
actually, I understand he want to see it, because he was afraid of terrorist, 
but didn't they already scan it before I entered???
If not, how the hell am I get through the gate???

Or maybe he is freaking follow the rules type of person!!!
what doesn't call follow the RULES!!!

if you guys follow the rules,
you guys should give meal equally, not like one like is faster and the other one is soooo slow,
why do you guys have to be like,
you're faster, did you get a price of it???

Because what I hate all the time is the other side is almost finished their meal,
and mine was like..."where the hell is it??? did they prepare for my meal???" 
(which is I already preorder online)

Beside this, 
after we finish our meal,
they never come and collect immediately or after 5 to 10 minutes something like that,
there's one time, I waited almost half and hour no one comes,

I carry my empty meal plate walk all the way to back to ask them with a joking question
"are we suppose to self service???"

and guess what I saw, they were eating and chitchat behind there!!!

I don't mind you eating or chitchatting behind there,
but at least, can you at least finish your job, your duty first!!!

Okay, this so what they call "follow the rules"

I'm really HATE AIR ASIA!!!
The service is sucks!!!

I know you're cheap, but is that mean because you're paying cheap ticket so you deserve this shit service!!!

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