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Sunday, December 30, 2012

【Movie|电影】Rant:Talking in the Cinema

Yes, as I wrote on the title, I'm so pissed about this all the time, because all this people just love to talk in the cinema especially around Kepong here, the TGV Cinema in Kepong Jusco and MBO Cinema in Kepong Tesco!!!

Is not just one time, is just all the freaking time, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS sit in front of all these people love to give a lot of side comments to the movie!!!

Here is the sh*t that I remember,
Tai Chi 0 (MBO Cinema in Kepong Tesco)
This is an uncle and aunty (all in Mandarin)
"die lo, die lo, did he die?" 
People die, then die lol, it's just a MOVIE!!!
"ha? Haven't die?"
Now, he's still alive and you're freaking disappointed!!!
"aiyo, so much blood!"
Those are FAKE BLOOD!!!
Hello, Uncle, this is not your house and you are not sitting on your couch, Okay!!! 

Silent Hill (MBO Cinema in Kepong Tesco)
This 20+ guy and girl, 
this girl was just kill talk, talk, talk non-stop from the beginning of the movie till the end 
(all in Mandarin)
"year, is behind, is behind, why he so stupid!"
"run faster la!"
Okay, these are just part of the crap that I remember, 
but what I remember is they talk non-stop and getting loud and louder!!!

CZ12 (TGV Cinema in Kepong Jusco)
This whole bunch of Chinese teenage girl just like,
during the action scene, they were just 
"wah.......yo......is that fake?" (in Mandarin)
there's one was played in the France's castle, 
and they have to walk from the gate to enter the castle,
this girl was like
"year, is this overdraw!!!" (in Cantonese)
Really??? Those are just typical France style, have to walk long way and 
go through the security check to enter the building... 
and this hong kong movie in star was speaking Thai, they were
"this guys is from hong kong ooo" (in Cantonese)
As for those who have already watched this movie, I think that's the pick of the movie which is JC fell off from the volcano and all his air clothes was just explore because of the volcano rocks, 
"the shirt is explore, aiyo, aiyo, is he die?" (in Mandarin)
then another was like
"no la, he is the main actor, he won't die de" (in Mandarin)
And the last scene was shown that Shu Qi was played as a wife of one of the actor, 
and this girl was like
"eh, is Shu Qi!!!" (in Mandarin)
then the other girl was like 
"year,  she is kei-leh-feh!!!" (in Mandarin)
Excuse me, people just played in row just because of friendship play is not as what you think,
and the word that you mentioned is just like put down on people, GIRLS!!!
Okay, the whole freaking movie what I heard is just all this sh*t talking and 
"wah, yo, year" here and there!!!

Yes, I'm still freaking pissed, but guess what these sh*t only happened in Kepong here,
I don't mind any of my blog reader is from Kepong will be mad at me.
But just think and try to imagine you're in my position, do you really LOVE to listen so much SIDE COMMENTS form the movies while you are paying to watch and listen to what people comments!!!

Here that's what I found and that's what I feel NOW!!!
Yes, this is what I felt, talking about every single thing, single scene!!!

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