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Monday, September 24, 2012

My house garden

All of the house decorations are my mom's ideas. Really!!! I have to say that my mom has very good design mind set. Remember the first time when my mom shows me this house, I was almost can't believe it because its whole design, I was keep assuming she was kidding, and I start to believe when we got into the house. Seriously, I have no idea why they like to move house so much... I was really tired of it, because they always put me on the third floor all the time which is very tired that I have to move all my stuffs down to first floor and then move to third floor again... Really speechless!!! But we have to think positively, we should be happy of what we have all the time, we should appreciate it instead of complain about it because I know that's a lot of people out there doesn't even have a proper house or room to stay so even so many troubles but I'm still very happy about it.

This is my most favorite part, the dropping water fall and just to let you know, there are some fishes I the small pound there lol!!! Of course, these are my mom's ideas too!!! <3 br="br">

This is the full view of it, but problem is the grass grow too fast, we just cut it like one week ago and now the grass start to grow again. What can we do??? Under this hot weather out there, are you really assume anyone of us to squat under the big hot sun to cut off the grass... Erm...... I would say that I will do it later but words always is easier than work on it. And to be shame to say I was try to do it once but the sun is hot, I think less than one minute,I was already jump in to my house and sit under the fan and rest... I know it's shame but...just have to say, I'm a lazy kid, Hahahaha!!!

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