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Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 20

Actually, I want to talk about yesterday stuff. Seriously, I have no idea why all of my sisters have such a bad tempered all the time.

Ok, before I go to bed, let me finish this stupid story first. The story is started with my second sister, KT. On freaking Wednesday, apparently her elder child which is QL, she has this ballet class on 7pm (according to my sister). So obviously, you know that your child gonna to have a ballet class on such a rush hours period (which means after work traffic jam), you should get out of your work early, right??? But the thing is, she isn't (ALL THE TIME), she always looks like doesn't know how to arrange her time properly, and then when she reach home is almost 650pm (can't really remember but is almost 7pm). This is not enough to cause the problem, the problem is QL is still SLEEPING. What??? Of cause, my sister start to get angry and scold and shout at her child. (that's what typical asian mothers will do all the time to get their children to listen to them). And just because my sister shout at her, so she just stood there to look at my sister (just to show she is not happy with her mom) and now here we go, my sister start to beat her...(ok, excuse me, is not really your child fault BECAUSE everyone knows that you are the BOSS in your office, you can just leave as earlier as you want, but you are not!!! and now what???)
After get her child to take a shower, she started to comb her QL, and out of sudden, the comb broke... and now is where the stupid me who jump in the frustrated condition. Me, myself started to say something really stupid to get myself into trouble (ALL THE TIME). I told my mom maybe is because of I lost their previous comb before so now they have to use another comb. At that moment, I don't even finish my sentence my sister start shouting "don't even try to say anything when I was angry!!!".
Ok, this is my family member always do "once the person is angry, you don't even dare to say anything or do anything". After her shouting, I was just stood there for just couple of second and continue to grab my plate with the rice to eat at the dining table. What can I do??? Shout with her??? Hell!!! NO!!! Because my mom was just right beside us and I know that my mom doesn't like to see us fighting so better don't do anything stupid. (like last time)
And because of my stupid mistake, my sister's tempered was getting worse, she started the "banging" things, throw things loudly,  slam the door like nobody business to get out of the house. (I can't really comment anything, because recall from my memory I was used to be like this too and just to let everybody knows that you are angry)
After 5 to 10 minutes, just right after my mom and I finish our dinner. My sister got back and she said the ballet class is on 8pm NOT 7pm. Ok, now, whose fault??? Everybody's fault, but not hers??? Also according to my mom, my sister always like to this ALL THE TIME!!!
Additionally, I didn't even want to lost the comb. I think everything, every trouble is start with my busybody attitude. Is that morning, I took the comb into my sister's car because I wanted to help QL to tie her hair, and I accidentally drop the comb on the car's carpet, and I thought I will find it when the car stop later BUT apparently, I totally forgot about it, that's why???
Now what??? Better don't say any single shit in front of them, as I said "keep your mouth shut all the time is always the best". It won't even give you any trouble so don't talk too much and be smart all the time.
Seriously, actually everything happened is just because of some stupid mistake and it just depends on how you look at it only.

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