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Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 3

Seriously, I'm at the department where to renew my identity card. I'm gonna to rant about those workers here. Honestly, I really can't even stand how all these people working, I won't specify what kind of races are they but I really hope that they can improve their working efficient. Those people who work here, they just seem like eating for the time toast. They seriously look like waiting for lunch and wait the clock to reach 5pm and then get out of work. I have no idea why they can get into the government department and then just work like that, why would they always like to hire someone who is really look like a failure person. I don't mind people do mistake but I really can't take people who do their work so slowly and ineffective.
There are like 10counters here, and you know what, only 4 counters are open... Seriously, I don't get what is the point that why you set up so many counters for what??? Isn't  even using??? So what you guys just set the counter for decorate is it??? I guess so, you know why, most of the Malaysia government department is like that, they just have enough counters in the department to make it looks nice and "kind of like professional" for them. Then there's only half or sometimes not even half is like quarter of those counters are open... Come one man, what's the point??? I'm a Malaysian isn't that I like to back step my own country but at least you guys, can you guys just try to improve it a bit??? Please change those lazy workers, please even freaking care about what races are they just fire them, you didn't owe them anything, is not even your freaking business which really force you to hire them. You know what, just because you guys give them the job so easy so for them, they don't even appreciate what they got, because they didn't the best to keep job so is just to right to fire them. Seriously, maybe I'm not that really understand Malaysia government system but from what I know is you didn't to your job properly you will just get fire, but my country here is totally different, they won't even care did you do your job done or not even you are lazy I'm still hire you... Ok!!! That's totally ridiculous!!!

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