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Thursday, February 28, 2013

【Summary|總結】February 2013|二月 2013

Feb 1,  2013 Friday
Paradigm Shopping Mall --> Shopped for CNY clothes with my sisters at Paradigm Mall!!! =] |与我的姐姐们一起去逛新年的衣服!!!  =]
Bullet To The Head --> What a nice movie!!! =] |好电影一部!!! =]

Feb 2, 2013 Saturday
Stamps Collection --> Busying help my eldest sister to organize her stamp collections!!! =[ |帮我大姐做集邮,忙着不是我自己的东西!!! =[

Feb 3, 2013 Sunday
Family Lunch and Dinner --> Family lunch and dinner for Chinese New Year!!! =] |与家人的新年团圆饭!!! =]

Feb 4, 2013 Monday
What's the strangest incident that's happened on a commercial airline flight? --> Shared an interesting picture!!! |这个照片蛮有趣咯!!! =]
Lazy Night!!! --> Express my feeling of my laziness!!! =[ |只是要说明我有多懒惰!!! =[

Feb 5, 2014 Tuesday
Woke Up Late --> This is such an unusual thing for me!!! =[ | 迟到??? 真是奇怪!!! =[
First Interview Call  --> Interesting and exciting for it!!! =] |人生第一次收到的要去面试的电话!!! =]
Why People just love to criticize on others??? --> This why don't understand too!!! They've nothing better to do??? |我想要说的话,大多这个视频都替我说了很多!!! =]
The Same Jet??? --> Maybe some of you didn't notice about this, but I do feel that they look alike!!! =[ |这个不用多说,照片说明了一切!!! =]
日本減重美女名醫教你打造「吃不胖」體質 --> Finished this book!!! Not bad!!! =] |很不错的一本书!!! =]
KO One Return《終極一班2》 --> Finished one of my favorite Taiwan Drama!!! =] |终于看完我最爱的电影!!! =]
Bones Season 8 --> Also Finished my favorite US Drama!!! =] |也看完了我最爱的美剧!!! =]

Feb 6, 2013 Wednesday
收工酒 --> Had my dad's company dinner!!! =] |爸爸公司的收工酒!!! =]

Feb 7, 2013 Thursday
First Job Interview --> Got my first job interview, but it turned out not enough preparations!!! =[ |人生第一次面试,可是准备不够!!! =[
Die Hard 5 : A Good Day to Die Hard "21st Century" Featurette --> Not bad!!! Love it!!! =] |又是一部好看的电影!!! =]

Feb 8, 2013 Friday
Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ 1U --> My breakfast!!! But it was too large!!! =] |在1U吃早餐,但是它未免也太大份了吧!!! =]
Shopping Day before CNY --> After breakfast, gonna do some little shopping what!!! =] |早餐后就是要逛逛一下的嘛!!! =]
Hui Lau Shan @ 1U --> After half day shopping, rest down to have some dessert!!! =] |逛到肚子饿,最好就是来个甜品!!! =]
Inbound Troubles 《老表, 你好嘢!》 --> Finished this Hong Kong Drama!!! |蛮喜欢这套电视剧,套现了很多实事在里面!!! =]
Hotel Deluxe《百星酒店》 --> Watched this considered CNY movie, but didn't feel any Chinese in it!!! =[ |接近新年的电影,看似新年电影,但是一点新年气氛都没有!!! =[

Feb 9, 2013, Saturday
Ang Pow for My Parents!!! --> First time in my life gave my parents CNY ang pow!!! =]|已经做工的你们有给爸爸妈妈红包吗???
Chinese New Year's Eve --> HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! |新年快乐!!! =]

Feb 10, 2013 Sunday
I Love Hong Kong 2013《我爱香港HK 恭喜发财2013》 --> Watched this movie with my family!!! Not bad, can sense the CNY feel, better than the previous movie!!! =] |终于看到有一部有新年气氛的电影了!!! =]

Feb 11, 2013 Monday
Day Out with Friends --> Second of CNY, celebrate with my high school's girl friend and her friends!!! =] |年初二,与中学女生朋友和她的朋友出去了!!! =]

Feb 12, 2013 Tuesday
The Wedding Diary II 《结婚那件事之后》 --> Watched this movie, didn't watch the first part, but it was just okay for me!!! =] |没有看第一部,但是还勉强可以接受的!!! =]
One Upon A TIme《皇宫灿烂》 --> Malaysia's first CNY movie, for me it's just so so!!! =[ |马来西亚的新年电影,还算可以罢了!!! =[

Feb 13, 2013 Wednesday
Look Stupid Taking Photos with an iPad --> Always wants to discuss about this stupid attitude, but it seem like became more and more common to people nowadays!!! =[ |一直以来就很想说这个很不雅,看起来很笨的动作,但是感觉好像越来越普遍了!!! =[

Feb 14, 2013 Thursday
Happy Valentine's Day --> I'm single all the time, that's why I hate Valentine's Day, is not a happy day for me!!! =[ |单身的我最讨厌的就是情人节!!! =[

Feb 15, 2013 Friday
My Last Driving Lesson --> Finally, it's my last day!!! =] |我最后一堂的驾驶课程!!! =]
The Day of Days 《初五啟市錄》 --> Finished this Hong Kong Drama, but it isn't that good to watch1!! =[ |又看完了一部港剧,没有很好看!!! =[

Feb 16, 2013 Saturday
Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons 《西遊.降魔篇》 --> Nothing to do, so go watch this movie with my mom!!! Maybe I'm old already, I don't find that's funny or interesting!!! =[ |一大堆人说很好看,但是我觉得还好而已!!! =[
FACE Q Mask --> The wrap is so cute!!! Love this mask!!! =] |包装纸很可爱,而且还很好用!!! =]

Feb 17, 2013 Sunday
Together《在一起》 --> Wasting time movie, don't waste your time and money to watch this!!! =[ 浪费时间,浪费金钱的电影!!! =[
The 9th Day of Chinese New Year --> Had a little supper with my high school girl friend!!! But I have to head home earlier because I've a driving test on the next day!!! =[ |电影后就是坐下来聊一聊,但是由于第二天有驾驶考试,所以就免了!!! =[

Feb 18, 2013 Monday
Driving Test --> Yeah!!! I've passed my driving test!!! =] |终于拿到驾驶照了!!! =]
Long Island Iced Tea --> Such a long time didn't have my favorite long island iced tea!!! But the way the make it wasn't good enough!!! =[ |很久没有喝我的最爱了,可是他们调酒又调到一点酒味都没有!!! =[

Feb 19, 2013 Tuesday
Lost in Thailand 《人再囧途之泰囧》 --> Watched this movie in YouTube, but it wasn't that funny to me lol!!! =[ |不用去电影院,YouTube就有得看这部电影,但是票房高又有什么用,又不是很好看!!! =[

Feb 20, 2013 Wednesday
Sing K Alone??? --> Have you ever try to sing k alone??? I did!!! =] |一个人去唱K!!! =]

Feb 21, 2013 Thursday
Lincoln --> What a boring movie!!! =[ |非常闷的电影!!! =[

Feb 22, 2013 Friday
Nephew's Birthday Present --> Serious??? Wasted three hours in 1U just to get a birthday present??? |浪费了三个小时才买到的礼物,真是的!!! =[

Feb 23, 2013 Saturday
Perfect --> "It looks perfect just because it isn't perfect!!!" |因为不完美所以更美!!! =]

Feb 24, 2013 Sunday
My Nephew Birthday --> Happy Birthday to my eldest nephew!!! =] |祝我的大侄儿生日快乐!!! =]
Sushi King --> Dinner with my high school girl friend at Sushi King!!! =] |晚餐就是吃这个啦!!! =]
Spider --> What a fake spider movie!!! =[ |很假,没有很好看!!! =[

Feb 25, 2013 Monday
Cloud Atlas --> Complicated movie, keep jumping here and there!!! =[ |复杂的电影,是很需要很清晰的头脑去看的,但是我看电影是要放松的啊!!! =[

Feb 26, 2013 Tuesday
Enemy --> Who's the scariest enemy??? Is the one who had two faces that pretend to be good in front of you but stepped you like hell at the back!!! |最恐怖的敌人就是人前人后两个样!!! =[

Feb 27, 2013 Wednesday
Jack the Giant Slayer --> Nice movie!!! =] |好看!!! 好看!!! =]

Feb 28, 2013 Thursday
Little Something --> What a sweet and lovely song!!! =] |好听的歌曲就是要分享的!!! =]

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