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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

【Movie|电影】One Upon A TIme《皇宫灿烂》

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A lot of people are back step on this movie!!!
I have no idea why,
but it's you guys have too high expectation towards for it???
or comparing to "non-malaysian" movies???
I do realized that Malaysians love to step back on Malaysia stuffs!!!
Ask yourself honestly???
Is that true???
Not to be scheme to say it out loud,
that I have the same thoughts too!!!
I hate a lot of things in Malaysia!!!
(Maybe you guys will just say, is that so why don't you move out from this country???)
I said it before because I have my family here!!!
But it doesn't mean I have to force myself to accept a lot of silly attitudes around me!!!

These are why I hate about it!!!
If you're reading my blog,
I hope you that you won't do these silly attitudes again!!!

People always care for themselves,
like people won't hold the door for the next person!!!
I know maybe you guys will just do that for your family members or your friends!!!
But, I want to ask you!!!
Is it tough to do that for strangers????
Especially in girls restroom!!!
Those girls just open the door and just walk away never care about the person behind them!!!
Don't tell me this a normal attitude!!!
This is a selfish attitude, guys/girls!!!
Is that difficult just look back and see should you hold the door for the person behind of you???
Maybe, this is the attitude that I learnt from the States last time!!!
People always hold the door for the next person!!!

This is what's happening in the cinema nowadays!!!
When you're watching a movie!!!
Can you just put your phone in silent mode???
Don't just give an excuse that I forgot!!!
You touch your phone every second before the movie!!!
And you don't realized that your phone is not in silent mode???
let's you forgot about it,
and you want to answer your phone,
can you just talk it softly or go talk at the outside???
Damn a lot of uncles!!!
Love to watch movies but they never silent their phone,
and that's not the only problem!!!
They will answer the phone like NORMALLY!!!
In the whole cinema,
you can hear he's answering like 
Excuse me, uncle!!!
that's not your house,
where is your respect for others???

Back to the story,
why you guys keep back stepped on Malaysia's stuffs???
I have no idea what's your opinion about it,
maybe as I said you guys love to compare it to those HongKong or Hollywood movies!!!
So you guys used the same level to criticize on this movie,
but compare to Kepong Gangster,
those fake fighting scenes are just fake!!!
One more thing,
the Malaysia's drama, The Beat,
compare to those reading dialogs actors and actress!!!
Tell me about it???
Well, I'm not fully support this movie, 
but what I can say is!!!
drop off the comparison,
it's not as bad as how it goes!!!
Just watch it as a comedy movie,
it's still acceptable!!!

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