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Monday, February 25, 2013

【Movie|电影】Cloud Atlas|雲圖

A almost 3hours movie,
makes keep on fall asleep along the whole movie,
so I can't criticizes much on this movie,
am I too tired for it or what???
I have no idea about it, 
but the only thing I know about it is the story is confusing!!!

After walked out from the theater room,
my brother check the synopsis of it,
and from that we just know what's story about!!!

A film consists of six interrelated stories,
from story jump to another story, 
keep jumping among this six stories.

How confusing it is!!! @.@!!!

To be honest,
the six interrelated stories are just jumping too much which make me feel very confusing!!! =[
Dones't really like this movie!!!


  1. ops...doesnt sound good wor...:p

    anyway..hope you have enough rest. Dont fall sick ya. Many people fall sick after CNY

  2. 很久没看电影了~挺不起这个劲~哈哈

  3. [Small Kucing]Yup, it's too complicated for me, I will take care of myself, thanks for that!!! =]

    [cherlyn]嘻嘻,我超爱看的,巴不得每次电影一上映我就是第一个看到!!! =]


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