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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Look Stupid Taking Photos with an iPad

Want to blog about this for so long!!!
But really can't stand on why those people have their phone or camera with them,
and they still want to use the iPad to take a photo!!!
Don't you guys feel that LOOKS STUPID and...
the iPad is SO HEAVY and...
Why you guys still want to use the iPad to take picture????
Or you guys just love to say something like 
1. because the screen is big!!!
- it's big but it's heavy!!!
2. the quality is good!!!
- your phone have the same quality too,
I bet for those who bought iPad, 
mostly they're using smartphone,
so I bet the quality won't be worse than the iPad!!!
3. it gets to upland straight on to the internet!!!
Well, dude, don't your phone have the same function too???

And one more that I think is...
people WANT TO SHOW OFF that I own an iPad!!!
Well, again!!!
this is just a silly show off attitude!!!

Trust me,
I tried it at home before!!!
it's so tired and it's so hard to focus,
it's like whole a tablet to take a picture!!!

Really??? This looks damn stupid, man!!!

I bet the whole concert should be more than 2 hours,
don't your hand feel tired with holding it for more than 2 hours???
And and the same time it's blocking those people who are standing behind you!!!

Again!!! It's hard to focus and shoot!!!

OMG!!! This is so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because I saw it with my own eyes!!!
I went to China, Jiu Zhai Gou last year!!!
For your information,
it has a lot of climbing and walking period!!!
so it's so basically it's a tired trip!!!
But I still can see so many Asian are holding the iPad and 
taking those mountain and waterfall pictures!!!
Don't your hand feel tired about it???
Trusted if there's 10 tourists, 
there're 8  tourists are using iPad to take picture!!!
And guess what!!!
when I was back to Malaysia,
I skype with my friend who's at US,
they just said the same thing as me!!!
"it looks STUPID!!!"
And my friend who has iPad too!!!
she just said it do really looks stupid and retarded!!!
Just don't understand why asian love to do that!!!
Once again!!!
Why specify it's asian???
Because I saw it in Singapore & MALAYSIA too!!!
Hello!!! What happened to your phone and camera???


I bet after the wedding,
you'll be very tired about it!!!

Well, I found this!!!
which how you guys look like when you're using your iPad to take a photo!!!
It do looks like idiots, man!!!

Please, look at these comments from this link 
Yup!!! Use your phone!!! Damn it!!!


  1. Agree with you , maybe they just want to show off their big heavy ipad anywhere ? haha

  2. haha, INDEED!! give me five, and i always find them amusing.. tried to take photo of them taking photo using iPad~~ :D

  3. muahahaa, i reali agree v u !!
    i juz feel so funny when seeing them take photo using ipad.it's too big =.= for me.
    i like camera more n i alway use camera. XD

  4. [Aouka] hahaha!!! =]

    [雜亂人]Yup, that's what I thought so, hahaha!!! =]

    [Mr Lonely]Seriously, I have no idea what's in their mind, what's the point of showing off lol!!! =]

    [[SK]]Yup, high five!!! =]

    [xiao P 笑屁]Yup, totally agree with you!!! =]

    [Irene Loh]Yup!!! =]


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