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Thursday, January 31, 2013


To be honest, I was surprise there are so many comments on my rant on Again!!! post!!! Seriously, I was so angry that time and I just want to rant about it, as you can see I don't even have the mood to write again in Chinese version. (Plus, I have to write in English because some of friends can't read Chinese words) Normally, I'm an easy go person, I will angry at that moment, but I'll forget about that in the next moment. Even though I love to give excuse to myself every time, but if people don't understand me at all, I'll just let it go, because is hard explain when the person already has an bad impression on me, as I always said to myself "people understand you, they don't need your explanation,  but for those people misunderstand you, no matter how you explain, they won't even bother any single words that you have spend so much time to explain to them!" So, that's why I hate explanations, but since so many comments on that, I should make a response to it!!!

I posted about three issues on that day!!!
First is my ridiculous dad that ask me to do plastic surgery. I seldom post my photo in my blog because I always think that I don't look good in front of the camera and the most important thing is "I'm very LAZY"!!! But in order to prove that whether I need plastic surgery or not!!! Here you go!!!

The problem still there, but I just throw everything to my mom, I asked my dad to call my mom to talk about this and I know my dad won't do that, because he not dare to call my mom, even so if he called, my mom will settle everything!!! (To satisfy your curiosity, I didn't with my dad, I live with my mom, they're not staying together, and also I was keep begging my mom to solve this for me, so my mom understand the whole story of it!!!) And please understand my situation, my dad was keep talking about it since I was back from US, which is August till now, he called every once a week to talk about this, and it's been bothering almost 5 months, tell me guys??? Would you get angry of it???

I complaining about my nieces and nephews is because all these manners and laziness weren't just happened once, it happened everyday!!! I know some of you will say don't be so hot-tempered, have to be patient about it, they're just children, but thing is my sisters won't even care about it, and they think is fine for everything!!! I know that I just mentioned one or two issues about my nieces and nephews last time, now let me completed it all, then tell me should or shouldn't I get angry about it!!! And don't tell me to talk to my sisters, there's a wall always stand outside of their ears, they won't even listen any single thing that I said, end up they will just throw one word back to me to finish the sentences "if you're so good in that, go teach them yourself la" or "see how you teach your children in future, you thought is easy la"
There you go!!!
My eldest sister's son, my nephew - Standard 3 (2012), now Standard 4
*doesn't know how to clean after he poo [actually he knows, he's just lazy to do it himself, always like screaming in the toilet and needs somebody to clean for him]
*his mom prepared everything for him every morning, toothpaste on the toothbrush, everything [my sister always said she's very busy, yup, she is busying prepare everything for her son, and her son never have the chance to learn how to do things by himself]
*very food picky [my eldest sister was addicted to Tzu-Chi, the master told her can't eat meat, so her son is like that too, her son only eat eggs, no vege, no meat]
*learned from his mom, move everything that he doesn't want to my mom's house [every toys that he doesn't want and he moved my mom house, now my mom house is full of his unwanted toys]
*Standard 4 still can't write proper numbers [number 6 looks like 1, doesn't have the curve at the end, 4 doesn't look like 4 and more and more, cause he just want to finish it faster so he can continue play his games]
*his dad got him an second hand Samsung Galaxy II, now he played everyday, and what his mom did is...encourage his son to play!!! [every family dinner, play phone's games and his mom is feeding him, instead of asking him to stop and eat by himself, yup, she just love to let his son to be like this]
*doesn't how to differentiate "buy" and "sell" in Malay  and his mom said want to let him study Choong  Hua High School, as we all know is hard to enter that school if you don't have incredible good results or pass the "enter school test" [Well, how to study well??? The phone's games are keep calling him to play, always do his homework in front of TV, the eyes never leave the TV, how to finish up his homework and study well??? Standard 4 now, classes are getting harder and harder, he will call my second elder sister every night to ask about homework (apparently my second elder sister is quite good in Malay) and there's one time he called, he asked my second elder sister to do the Malay essay for him because he doesn't know how to do at all!!! ]
Well, there's two more years to go for him, really hope that he can manage to enter Choong Hua High School, but with his these kind of attitudes!!! Tell me about it lol!!!

My second elder sister's daughters, my nieces - 5 and 7 years old this year
*damn lazy, lazy to use their hand to pick the spoon and put the rice inside their mouth [they lazy to eat themselves always need my mom to feed them, they already know how to eat themselves, they just lazy all the time, and the pissed off things is my mom is feeding them, and my sister doesn't say any single words, she just sit there enjoying her food, like those two little girls are like non of her business]
*my second elder sister has really bad time management!!! [She love to send her children to swimming class, ballet class, English class and so on and on. But her children always late for the class, and when they're late she'll blame on her children, why you so slow, why you so late!!! Feel kind of bad on them, but I can't any single words, because according to my this sister theory "when she's angry, is everyone faults, is you all make me that angry, so don't ever say anything" no matter what. Yup that's my second elder sister]
*"You say leh!" That's what my sisters love to say, three of them love to say this word, because they just lazy to answer. ["Thank God!!!" Things revenged, her daughter learned from it, no matter what my sister asked them, they just answered her with that!!! Seriously, I really hate that they give me this answer every time, I don't know that's why I asked, and your answer is "what do you think?" Is that sound retarded??? I think so, is that wasting time to say "you say leh" instead of answer it directly??? It drive me kind of annoying sometimes!!!]
*no manners [my second elder sister and her husband love to give them to play iPhone or iPad, and that's not the problem for me, as long as they didn't play on the dinner table, but they play on the living room with the annoying load music games sound while all of us are watching TV, and I always hope that my second brother in law will say a single word to his children to ask them make it softer or mute the sound, but!!! apparently his's not!!! So what I did is, I leave the living room to watch on my PC, why I did so because those noise are louder than the TV sounds, so end up just have to read the subtitle!!! What's the point???]
Maybe, they're still young, so there's so much for them to learn, but sometimes just can't stand on those attitudes!!!

My driving license, I'm gonna get my license soon, waiting for it, then my problems will be solved!!!

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