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Thursday, January 10, 2013

【Movie|电影】FIre with Fire

Nothing much to comment on this, nothing special in this film, but it's still a good movie to watch because the story is still quite interesting.

A normal firefighter with a simple life just hangout with his friends after his work, while they stop by at a liquor store tried to get some drinks. Just simple routine for him, but this day is not for him, he witnessed the chaser and his son were being murdered, meanwhile he also tried to run for his life and look for help. Unfortunately, for his own safety, the police required cover him up by hiding him up, changing his name and his social security number. 

Even so, they still got the place of where he stay and tried to kill him again. End up, he ran away from the police cover and tried to look for them, also tried to clean them up. With his experiences in firehouse, he used fire to burn down the place, killed the head of it and even safe his girlfriend!!! 

Yes, it do has a good ending (as usual). Even Bruce Willis was played as one of the main actor here but  in this film, he wasn't like what he used to be like an action actor, he was just a police detective. While basically the whole story was just surround the main actor which is Josh Duhamel. Anyone doesn't know him??? He was played as U.S. Army Commander in Transformer (no wonder he was kind of familiar, by the way I doesn't really recognize any of those hollywood movie stars all time, unless I'm really interested in that character then only I will "google" it, try get to know about it). Once again, it's a interesting movie to watch!!!




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