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Monday, January 14, 2013


续“幸福摩天轮”后,今天上映的港剧讲述现在香港一直面对着的中港矛盾问题,内地人到香港强奶粉,强房屋,几乎金钱可以买到的,内地人都有兴趣,除了物资上,最近香港小学开课,内地人连小学学位都要强,有时庆幸我不是香港人,有人问过我,“你看这么多新闻,那有看马来西亚的新闻吗?” 我答案是很淡定的说没有,不是我不关心马来西亚新闻只是我每次看见那些新闻都会很生气,生气这里治安那么差,生气那么多抢劫案。所以这么不看还好,但是我还是有翻翻报纸的,看下时下的新闻,只是没有国外的那样,关注那么多。





  1. Replies
    1. Sorry, is hard to write it on Chinese, but basically the main point is about the this famous luxury shop in Hong Kong, they don't allow Hong Kong people to take photos of of the outside of the shop, but they only allow China tourists to take photos, so end up a lot of Hong Kong people were demonstrated against outside of the shop!!! This is the true incident happened in Hong Kong in last year!!!


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